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The Nine Signs of a (female) Scientist

Posted by: OLLie on: February 22, 2009

1. She stops doing all her manicure and pedicures.

’cause her hands are buried under gloves all day, and her feet are all covered up in covered shoes. No one would be able to appreciate how pretty her nails are except for the insides of the gloves and shoes, and she decided that “Screw manis and pedis!”

2. She stops wearing contact lens to lab, and goes back to donning her geeky glasses.

For one, those glasses provide her eyes with protection against the chemicals that she deals with all day long. And wearing contacts for 16hours at one go is really depriving her eyes of the necessary oxygen.

3. Her bag always has a ready supply of moisturizer and lip balm.

Seriously, nothing is quite as dry as staying in lab for at least 12hours daily.

4. She gets really happy when she’s able to leave for home at 7+pm instead of the usual 10+pm.

Little joy in life, you know?

5. She can sing along to all the songs that are being played on 987FM, and even recite the ads that are played every haf an hour.

Her most hated ad is the “TODAY” ad, and her fav jingle is the one that is played right before the Shan and Ros show.

Oh, and she listens to 5 different shows daily: AM Mayhem, Desiree Lai, Ryan Seacrest, Shan and Ros, and Muttons to Midnight. And has decided that the song that the station is trying to promote is “Reach Out” by Hilary Duff ’cause it’s played at least 5 to 6 times a day.

6. Despite the fact that she has gotten so sick of all the English songs, she finds her lab weird when the radio’s turned off.

Her voice is too loud, her rapid typing on the laptop seems too jarring, and the whirring of her water pump sounds lonely.

7. She’s online practically everytime you sign in to MSN, but her responses are uber slow at times, and really fast at other times.

Her slow response means that she’s most probably mixing some drugs, diluting the drugs to the right concentration, adding drugs to her rat arteries, or cleaning her rat arteries.

On the other hand, her fast response means that she is waiting for her rat arteries to stabilize.

8. She nurses a sore right wrist and thumb from all the pipetting that she does a day.


8.  Her day usually ends with her going home looking like a zombie that hasnt drank blood for months, showering, and fainting onto her bed with a loud thud, not waking up till the alarm shocks the daylights outta her the next morning.


3 years old!

Posted by: OLLie on: February 9, 2009

My dearest bloggy 3 years old!

Happy birthday bloggy!

Though I havent been updating as frequently as before, and I havent been thinking of you that much recently, I still love you ya.


It’s been increasingly difficult to blog  here while I do my project as there’s always someone beside me, sneaking looks over while thinking that I’m not looking and yet claim extremely loudly that she’s not looking at my screen.

Exasperating really.

On another note, D and E made me drink so much the other day that I merlioned. Not so much of E really, but more of D.

Goodness, I hate the feeling of extreme sleepiness and yet being kept awake to drink more. But it’s alright, I got back at D by tickling/poking/scratching/disturbing/waking him up after only 3hours. *evil laughters*

Please support me?

Posted by: OLLie on: February 6, 2009

Actually the reason for my disappearance is due to this:

Aurora Miracles

Am setting up a blogshop with X just to earn a little pocket money. So please support k? Hee.

CNY 2009

Posted by: OLLie on: January 28, 2009

I started off my CNY with a limp.

Or rather, a sprain, a blue black, and a scraped knee. By falling off my dad’s MPV while climbing outta the car.

And to think the FengShui guy on TV on the eve of CNY said that the ones with the zodiac of Ox gotta take care of their health, especially so for the limbs. And I was thinking to myself: “Limbs? Ah. Whatever.”

And it came true within a day!!!!!!!!


No heels sia. And more scars to my already scarred legs. Sigh.

But this CNY has been good. As I celebrated my birthday together with the CNY eve, I received more ang paos than usual as a birthday present. And I camwhored LOADS. With a DSLR no less. Ho ho ho.

May this CNY be a good one for everyone. =))

And I love the date today. *winks*

Random thoughts

Posted by: OLLie on: January 24, 2009

I have been having weird random thoughts recently:

1. I don’t think my childhood ideal of getting married at 24 is gonna come true at the rate that I’m growing old. I’m turning 23 in 4 freaking days and I’m no closer to getting hitched. =XX

2. Whether the driver of the lorry which was smashed in the accident a week back on KJE is alright. And how the family is doing.

3. Why is it so hard to find true love in this time and age? How come people in my parents and grandparents’ generation don’t get divorced, whereas divorce can be used as a threat so easily in arguments nowadays?

4. I need more vegetables and fruits in my diet. I wanna shit normally.

5. Why is CNY zooming in so quickly this year? I only managed to get new clothes just yesterday after resigning myself to not having any new clothes this year.

6. Seeing how my granddad has fallen ill just 2 nights ago, makes me wanna run over to my grandparents place to help out. Yet my family needs me too. How I wish I can split myself into two like an amoeba.

7. I wanna shit normally. =((

8. I cant find my handphone’s stylus, and it’s killing me to feel the hole where the stylus used to reside whenever I use my phone now.

9. Driving on the roads is kinda freaky. One moment you are perfectly fine, and the next moment, you might be stuck underneath the whole debris, losing an arm/leg/eye/organ. =XX

10. I think I’m thinking too much depressing thoughts. It’s gonna be CNY soon! And I ought to be happier! CNY! Happy! CNY!! Happy!!

11. I want my bak kwa……..

12. And ferrero rocher (how to spell the rocher huh?!?!)…..

13. And more ferrero rocher…

14. And pistachios.

15. And gingko nut soup lovingly prepared by my Daddy. =DD

16. And my manicure looks uber chio.

I think I’m going nuts. HAHA.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! *HUGS HUGS HUGS*

Short Hair

Posted by: OLLie on: January 18, 2009

Remember how I went to chop off my locks a year ago?

I have my long locks back yesterday!

It’s no miracle. Just spend 150bucks, and everyone can get long hair too.

Now I’ve freaking long hair, which feels utterly weird against me. It gets stuck under my bag straps, gets caught in the zip of my bag, feels erm.. strange against my body especially when washing it.

I have not decided whether it’s cool to have someone else’s hair attached to mine, or disgusting to feel them while they are wet and against my back.

And the most upsetting thing is when I got home, flips my hair excitedly into the hair aka Pantene commercial,  only to have my sister saying this:

Omgawd.. You look like a witch.


Thanks ar. I spent 150bucks, and she called me a freaking witc, which I decided to ignore, to prim myself in the mirror happily.

*flicks my long hair with a vengeance*


Posted by: OLLie on: January 16, 2009

I think constipation’s such a freaky thing.

On one hand, you are adding more food into your stomach, which are eventually gonna turn into nutrients for your body, and then those that are useless are gonna be turned into shit.

On the other hand, you arent shitting all those shit out, which means there are gonna be an accumulation of the shit in your large intestines, which I hope wouldnt get so filled with shit that the shit reaches the small intestines, and eventually, your stomach.

Like omgosh, the food that are gonna be digested in your stomach is gonna be mixed with the shit that have stuffed all your intestines full??

*eyes open BIG BIG*

Oh, and when I say “you”, I mean me instead.

Ahhhh.. I need more vegetables and fruits.

The things I do at lab

Posted by: OLLie on: January 14, 2009

As I’m doing my final year project in the lab every day, with nothing else to entertain me besides the internet and radio, I have learnt to:

1. Sing all the songs being played on 987fm. Without knowing the titles. =X

2. Muliti-task – Aka, add some drug, pop by MSN to chat a few lines, go back and cut some arteries, wash the wells next, click something in Facebook, and the list goes on.

3. Change the screens really quickly from Facebook to the desktop whenever someone comes in behind me.

4. Bear with the urge to pee/shit/drink water while in the middle of an experiment.

5. Same thing goes for hunger. You know how you feel so hungry that you don’t feel hungry anymore? For me, I was so bloody freaking hungry till I wasnt hungry, and then I got so damn bloody freaking hungry again, which was way worse than the first pang of hunger, and I still couldnt get away to grab something to eat, and then I got full again.

Yeah. I’m so sorry you had to read the previous paragraph that didnt make much sense.


Wrong idea

Posted by: OLLie on: January 13, 2009

Hmmm.. I think people are starting to get the wrong idea about what I wrote in the previous post,

Maybe the novelty of blogging has worn off. Maybe the excitement of being involved in the blogosphere doesnt appeal to me anymore. Maybe I’m just tired of all the blogs that have commercialised, and could no longer find good blogs to read anymore.

And it seems that friends that I have gotten to know through blogging think that I do not wanna keep in contact with them anymore. The truth is totally far from that.

I’m grateful to Jaywalk for helping me get aclimatised to the blogging scene back then, introducing so many bloggers to me, AKK, Winter, Jaschocolate, Aloeve, to name a few.

And I’m glad to have known good friends like Addict, ZheBin, and Kampongbabe.

There’s so many others that I have gotten to known along the way, we werent exactly close, but they have made my stay in the blogosphere a good one. You know who you are. =))

I do wanna keep in contact k? Don’t disappear on me!

And lastly, I think I’m coming back here to blog. And I hope this time round, it wouldnt be all depressing matters anymore. =)

Long Absence

Posted by: OLLie on: December 30, 2008


I wanted to say that I’m sorry for the long absence, but I’m not.

I think I was getting tired of having a split personality. Being happy/cheerful/crazy in person, while ranting like a bitch on my blog. Even GSM commented that it seems like I have a split personality disorder.

The past 2 months have been good.  I studied my ass off, finished my exams, went for 2 short hols, one of which extended from a 5 days hols to a 9days hols by getting stuck in Thailand, only getting out via the military airbase that was a nightmare.

And I didnt have the urge to blog here, though there were loads of stuff happening in my life.

Maybe it’s the lack of things that I wanna hide from people (i.e. No current crushes), maybe too many people knows about this blog that I cant blog anything and everything anymore, maybe I have gotten to a comfortable stage that I can bitch about whatever I wanna bitch about in reality and thus there’s no need for me to bitch about it here anymore.

Maybe the novelty of blogging has worn off. Maybe the excitement of being involved in the blogosphere doesnt appeal to me anymore. Maybe I’m just tired of all the blogs that have commercialised, and could no longer find good blogs to read anymore.

Maybe it’s because I can no longer look at something, and think “Oh my, I must blog about this later!”, or look at something happening and start forming the words for a blog post in my mind. Maybe the addiction to blogging has worn off, and I don’t live my life around my blog anymore.

It was only when ZheBin mentioned that he do miss blogging that it struck me that I do miss blogging here. I miss typing furiously at my lappy to let all my rants out. And most importantly, I’m reluctant to just close this blog down when it contains so many memories.

And so, I’m just leaving things as they are, till I find the blogging spirit back in me.

Till then, my dears. =)

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