oooh lah lah.. i like it!


X – my best friend/buddy/死党 for 9 years. Been through the same schools all our lives (except for kindergardent that is.) So close that people might think that we are lesbians.

E/Erinna – my very good girl friend from jc. Currently studying in Australia. My online chat buddy.

Po – my very good girl friend in school. A very good listener, shopping/sms/online buddy.

Shi – my good girl friend from jc. A real good writer in both English and Chinese. Going to Taiwan for exchange. *envious*

D/Derrick – my good guy friend from jc. I go to him for ego boosting/bitching session. He never fail to make me crack up with his cynical and bimbotic way of criticising people.

RD – my good guy friend from school. I rely on him for rides into school when the busstop is bursting with people and when the bus refuse to stop to allow us onboard.

TL – the guy that I kinda like right now. And am trying damn hard not to like him. Don’t understand why I like him either. I can crack my brains, asking myself why and I can’t come up with a reason why.  Kinda hopeless case so I’m trying hard to it let go.

MHG – Messy Hair Guy. Someone whom I had a major crush on. Is attached. So I reverted him back to being my eye candy. A good friend now. (Go to the category “MHG” for more details.)

MHG II – A new eye candy. MHG’s friend. Has sparkly eyes.

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me leh? not a character in ur life ah.. haha

since when u refer me as E ? o.O

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