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MHG spotting

Posted by: OLLie on: February 25, 2008

While walking around in Marina Square today, I saw the back of a person swaggering (yeah, I know, there are loads of backs of people everywhere) and the first thought that came to my mind was.. .. that looks like MHG. And boy, was I right. I think I have seen him walking that walk [...]


Posted by: OLLie on: November 15, 2007

Have you ever hid online (by appearing offline) ’cause you didnt wanna talk to someone? But you wanted so very much to talk to others that are online too, and it’s just that particular person that you wanna avoid ’cause you know very well that he would message you but you really don’t feel like [...]


Posted by: OLLie on: October 24, 2007

I was pondering on whether to keep bitching about TL, or to move on to another topic ’cause there’s simply too much to bitch about TL. But I guess I shall move on instead. (p/s: He’s always getting me to pay for HIS stuff — car wash, cushion, breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever; citing that he [...]


Posted by: OLLie on: October 19, 2007

Remember MHG II? Turn out that he’s those kinda damn talented musician who plays gigs at pubs and stuff. And I’m talking about drums, guitars and the organ. He was performing today during a school event, and boy, was I drooling damn impressed by his musical talents. His scruffy look is oh-so-cool, and I was [...]


Posted by: OLLie on: August 18, 2007

I think I discovered a MHG II in school yesterday. And the funniest thing was that I have never ever noticed him before when he was right that in my lab! I think I was too smittened by MHG that I didnt even look at the guy beside him. And yep, MHG II is MHG’s [...]

Evidence of MHG’s cuteness

Posted by: OLLie on: August 10, 2007

I think I better post this before the topic of MHG gets outdated. Reason why I said that he’s the cutest in my cohort based on the 4 main criterias: Height, Built, Hair, Arms. 1. Height He’s 1.8m tall. 1.8m is like the F4 height. Tall, and provides a sense of security. Out of the [...]


Posted by: OLLie on: August 8, 2007

Fretting over my singlehood, X went to buy this for me. For the puzzled ones (like me), it’s a 月佬 (I hope I typed this correctly), something like Cupid in the Chinese ancient sense. By the way, it’s NOT so huge. It’s rather small, just that my camera magified it. Sony T20! So clear that [...]

Closure of MHG

Posted by: OLLie on: August 3, 2007

During camp, I finally gotten the closure I needed from the MHG saga. He finally made me wake up and realize that he’s not the one for me by.. .. using his eye power to help with my humongous camp bag that weighed at least 7 or 8kg while he happily trotted along with his [...]

Coincidence? Or Not?

Posted by: OLLie on: June 8, 2007

After I declared that I am 99% moved on from MHG, I kept bumping into him. Like, EVERYWHERE. I was working when he called to talk, and an hour later, he walked past my roadshow. And nope, he didn’t know where I was working. Today, I went shopping at Bugis, and yet there he was [...]


Posted by: OLLie on: June 5, 2007

I’m bored with my hair once again. Not to mention I need a trim desperately. Been contemplating whether I should just cut my hair into a short bob (once again), but I cant seem to be able to garner the courage to chop it all off. Then MHG said “I think you look nice with [...]

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