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Flash Rain

Posted by: OLLie on: September 3, 2008

Tests, assignments, presentations, datelines! Datelines! Slamming me at an alarming rate. Never have I been so stressed during a school term if you don’t count mugging for the exams. Fewer modules, but more assignments! Presentation! Journal papers! Omgosh. Killing me slowly man. But anyway, I got so bored while listening to a journal presentation today [...]

Bleeding non stop

Posted by: OLLie on: August 6, 2008

The other day, I accidentally scratched this tiny little wound that was smaller than 0.5mm on my wrist, and it started bleeding like crazy. No matter what I do, the blood just kept oozing out. Even when I applied pressure on it for a damn long time, the blood was just steadily oozing non stop, [...]

Korean drama = Korean Instant Noodles

Posted by: OLLie on: May 14, 2008

I’m fine, really. Thanks for all the concern. =) Just that I feeling a little like Britney’s song “Piece of Me”. A little tiring that for reasons that I cant fathom, everybody wants a piece of me recently. Oh well. But anyway, I managed to complete a korean drama serial. Ha. And the damn serial [...]

Guys Who Turn Me On Part II

Posted by: OLLie on: January 12, 2008

The epitome of sleep deprivation: Concussing at 8pm only to wake up at 2am. Now, my body clock is screwed. Crap. – And so, the continuation of Guys Who Turn Me On: 6. Men In Uniform They look.. smart. And hawt. And manly. Even the no. 4 looks not too bad. I like the No. [...]

Donuts Part 2

Posted by: OLLie on: December 24, 2007

Alright, to further tempt the donuts lovers out there reading my blog, here are the pics of the donuts Erinna brought back. Ho ho ho. The assorted. WOOOOOOOOOO. And finally, the original glazed. My mouth exploded in fireworks the moment I bit into the original glazed. It’s THAT good. And everybody’s snatching up the original [...]

Boliao friend

Posted by: OLLie on: December 21, 2007

I have a damn boliao friend. His name is Derrick. While watching the tv, he got so bored that he peeled an orange and ate it. The skin? Normal human beings would just throw it away. But not Derrick ’cause he’s not normal. He took a needle and thread and sew it back to it’s [...]

Ant’s Soul

Posted by: OLLie on: November 25, 2007

Every single time an ant scurries past me, An ant scurrying past in its frentic way of trying to avoid OLLie’s detection. Too bad, I spotted it. So comes.. My gigantic finger.. Squashing it without mercy. And every single time without fail, I would imagine this: The ant’s soul rising from the dead corpse beneath [...]

At my cousin’s birthday party yesterday..

Posted by: OLLie on: November 18, 2007

.. my Ah Gong said this to me: “Ah Girl, see si gan chuey jit eh lang lai pueh lee liao. See jit eh gin nah hor wah jou Ah Jou.” translated into: “Ah Girl, it’s time to find someone to accompany you. Have a kid for me to become great grand-dad.” OMGOSH. I’m only [...]

I think the name..

Posted by: OLLie on: November 11, 2007

I think the name Singapore sounds so… exotic. Like some exotic fruit that you can find in the tropics. Somewhere in the tropical rainforest where there are trees overgrown everywhere, with monkeys swinging from tree to tree, birds chirping, insects.. making sounds that insects make etc. It’s true that we are in the tropics. And [...]

Shit dream

Posted by: OLLie on: October 3, 2007

My sleeping pattern’s pretty screwed up after my mid term break. Think I’ve been pampered by sleeping at least 8hours a day during the break, so much so that my body cannot adjust back to sleeping about 5hours a day. =((( This resulted in me concussing the moment I got home yesterday till 10pm. Which [...]

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