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Ant’s Soul

Posted by: OLLie on: November 25, 2007

Every single time an ant scurries past me, An ant scurrying past in its frentic way of trying to avoid OLLie’s detection. Too bad, I spotted it. So comes.. My gigantic finger.. Squashing it without mercy. And every single time without fail, I would imagine this: The ant’s soul rising from the dead corpse beneath [...]


Posted by: OLLie on: November 25, 2007

Have you ever wondered about where the soul comes from? As defined from, soul is “the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body, and commonly held to be separable in existence from the body; the spiritual part of humans as distinct from the [...]

Addicted to the stupid game

Posted by: OLLie on: November 22, 2007

Ahh.. I just spent like a damn long time playing this. All thanks to Weige ar.. = S And for a first timer, I think I’m pretty good at it. No. 128 leh!! =DDDD

Pics pics pics

Posted by: OLLie on: October 4, 2007

Realized my blog’s rather dull recently without any pics. So here are some. Not of me of course. Was feeling damn bored one day while copying some notes in the library that I kope X’s marker and started drawing on my comb. Hehe. 小毛球!Censored out my name. =))) – Went for lunch with my parents [...]

Treading with care

Posted by: OLLie on: September 13, 2007

I realized, the more important a person is to one (aka me), the more I am afraid of doing something that will piss them off. I tend to tread on the grounds surrounding them with care, with tentativeness, with fear. And it gets tiring. I have gotten so tired that I don’t wanna care anymore. [...]

Cute guy!

Posted by: OLLie on: September 8, 2007

I was talking to Addict just now when she showed me a pic of her brother. Messy Hair + Jaws to die for + Dimples (that cant be seen here. Wasted!) + Tiny eyes Oh my gosh. His jaws are those that I have been searching for for the longest time ever since I watched [...]

I’m gonna do something dumb later today

Posted by: OLLie on: September 5, 2007

And I hope I would be able to get up in time. And I hope I don’t regret it. Wish me lucks!

What’s it about dimples?

Posted by: OLLie on: August 19, 2007

What is it about guys with dimples that make me fall head over heels in love with them? Was webcam’ing with this friend who just went over to the US when he grinned and I saw his dimples. And gosh, are they so darn cute. I had this sudden urge to fly over to the [...]

Driving my sister crazy

Posted by: OLLie on: August 13, 2007

I have this tendency to drive my sister crazy with my songs selection. Or rather, the SONG that I select to blast on repeat mode till I can sing the song. Right now, it’s Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston. Apparently my sis thinks I make her feel suicidal with that song. Oops.  But it’s a [...]

There’s something about..

Posted by: OLLie on: August 12, 2007

There’s something about reading a book that is so different from watching a tv show/movie etc. In a movie, when someone’s gonna get killed or something, I can grab a cushion and shield my eyes and wait till the scene is over, OR Run away and grab my Mom or run around in a frenzy [...]

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