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Jay Win Liao

Posted by: OLLie on: May 21, 2007

I’m gonna kill myself. The stupid mouse just did some weird stuff and my whole entry disappeared! Argh! – Jaywalk win liao. Was out with him today and he  promised that he was going to post up a picture of me + get a voice interview about MHG to dish out all the dirt. Even [...]


Posted by: OLLie on: February 14, 2007

Desperate Addict‘s the addict of Kennysia. While I was the addict of XXXXX. I even went to get myself a blogger account so that I can comment on his blog. Sadly, that blog closed down 2 years ago — like a few weeks after I got my account (talk about suay-ness) I think I mourned [...]

Meetup with Kampongbabe

Posted by: OLLie on: January 10, 2007

Met up with Babe today. She treated me to Coffee Club pasta which was sooooooooooooo huge that I had trouble finishing even half of it. As usual, Babe looked good. Fresh in her short crop of hair. I think she was so brave to have chop her long locks off. Something that I can never [...]

Short little bloggers meetup

Posted by: OLLie on: July 10, 2006

Met up with KampongBabe and Fab on Saturday. And boy, is Kampongbabe pretty! She should probably join those Pretty Moms contest, and would definitely beat all other mothers hands down. Fab's a little quiet though. Hmm.. Maybe he just couldnt squeeze in much words between 2 chatty females chatting non stop. But too bad the [...]

Bloggers meetup

Posted by: OLLie on: May 12, 2006

I went for a bloggers’ meet up with winter and jaschoc yesterday. Things that came to my mind: 1. I MUST siam all Jas’ pinching. 2. Winter is really tall. 3. I’m really short. Ahhhhhhh.. I’m really short. What would I kill to have another 5cm. (Winter, can donate 5cm to me please?) Thankfully we [...]

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