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A Little Intro

Hey there,

Welcome to my blog! This is OLLie here.

What? OLLie who?
Some people might ask, who the hell is OLLie? Why does she have such a weird name? OLLie? I have never heard of anyone called OLLie in my entire life!

Well, OLLie is just someone who is trying to seek a place of her own in this big big internet world. She is a 20 year old girl studying in a local U. In the midst of her extremely short life, she has met some of the quirkiest things (well, in OLLie’s definition of quirkiness) in the world and wants to jot them down before she ever forget about them.

OLLie’s paranoid about the dark, frightened of death and mortally afraid of the ghosts. She’s terrified that she would get dementia as she age and forget about every single thing that matters to her. Thus she’s seizing the opportunity to record down everything.

One thing to note though, OLLie is looking for that ONE in her life. So don’t mind her gushing about cute guys k? :D

Well, that’s all for the intro to OLLie. I hope you enjoy your stay here!

12 Responses to "A Little Intro"

one year later!! LOL!

one year and 3 months later…hahaha

1 yr 9 mths later…

Almost 2 yrs later..

Hi Ollie. I was just browsing about hairstyles and hairdresser and chanced upon your blog. You said you went to Derrick and you’ve got a nice short haircut. May I ask which salon did you go? Thank you.

Hey SK,

I went to NK at Parkway. And got it cut by Aaron. Hope this helps. =)

erm.. dunno how i get in here.. but one hell of a good blog u got!! haha.. interesting way u used to describe your grand pap.. way to go.. haha..

Bronson: haha.. Thanks for the compliment! Hope you enjoy your stay here. =))

hey i bloghopped my way here.. i think dan humpfrey is hot. and rufus too! haha..

drop by to say hi

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