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Posted by: OLLie on: January 3, 2011

Ahhh.. So I havent been blogging for a year or more? That’s pretty amazing since I have been trying to start up new blogs elsewhere, but they all failed under my not so wonderful care.

I no longer create blog entries in my mind like what I do in the past.

I no longer see something amusing and go “Ah! I need to blog that later!”

I no longer follow blogs so diligently, but I guess that’s because most blogs have died down, with more jumping into tweeting (which I can never do so as I’m forever longwinded)?

In the year and a half that I stopped blogging, I would like to think that I have gotten richer (yes! Financial freedom!), but gotten into severe debts from my uni tuition loan, gotten prettier (hey! laoniang does makeup now ok. Don’t play play.), became more materialistic (Burberry! Loves!), and way more jaded than before.

I’m currently trapped in the I’m-broke-a-week-after-payday kinda cycle as I pay off debts every month (24k of debt anyone?), gone from the girl who just apologizes and she would correct the mistakes to shooting off snide email to reprimand the ones at fault, and basically, feeling a little lonely in this world.

I’ve gone for hmmm.. 6 trips since my last post, and got my longchamps slit by bloody pickpockets in China a few weeks back, and my latest New Year’s resolution is to sleep by 11pm (which is erm, not fulfilled tonight). X is getting married this year (tears of joy, envy and reluctance in letting her go)!

Alright, I need to get into the cycle of blogging again. But this really feels good. To be back. :)

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