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Your school has a boy commiting suicide hor?

Posted by: OLLie on: March 17, 2009

The other day while taking the lift down, I met this Indian neighbour whom I have never seen before.

Her (smiling): “Girl, going to work?

Me (thinking: I LOOK SO OLD MEH???? *glances down at the laptop in my hand and concluded it’s the laptop that made me look old*): “No, going to school..” (even managed a meek smile though I felt a little insulted for looking like a working adult.)

Her:Oh, which school?


Her: “Ah. Your school has a boy commiting suicide that day ar?


Me:Erm, my uni, but not my school. There are alot of different schools in the uni.

And thank goodness the lift reached the ground floor before there can be more exchanges between the both of us.

I swear, the whole world is gonna think of a boy commiting suicide the moment someone mentions NTU. =XXX

5 Responses to "Your school has a boy commiting suicide hor?"

the auntie never go uni bef, so forgive her =)

not blogging? oo… it’s okay if u’re busy. but update soon? =)

woo.. sounds creepy

no updates? take care anw =)

Many aunties tend to have this thought.
For every single matter,
they tend to generalize it to the other areas.


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