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FYP is a lonely thing

Posted by: OLLie on: February 28, 2009

Doing FYP is such a lonely thing, really.

There’s no one to accompany me in this long lonely race against time, against my experiments, and everything else.

And there’s nothing that anyone can do to help besides telling me to JIAYOU!

I have been hearing so many jiayous, and telling so many people to jiayou that I’m starting to feel helpless. I cant do anything to help, and nobody can help me.


5 Responses to "FYP is a lonely thing"

so i shld stop saying jiayou?


erinna: No la. You cant stop!! I need you to tell me jiayou!! Or there would be a little less motivation for me. Hee.

zavalta: Hee. Thanks thanks! =))))


it’s a good thing to do the fyp, although my initial thoughts were F/Yale/Princeton and i couldn’t figure out what F was because it’s supposed to be H for Harvard.


Go fyp! go! :)

if you think I can help you, just email me

i came via da’s blog…

tuckie: Hee. Thanks tuckie. And welcome to my blog! =))

And thanks for the offer. (:

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