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I cant stand it.

Posted by: OLLie on: February 25, 2009

After posting up pictures of the rats that I use for my experiments, I received comments that I’m so cruel, so evil etc etc for using rats in my experiments.

Usually I brush it off without a thought, but the cruel comments are coming at a faster rate  than I can brush them off. And the final straw was when someone asked where to get those rats so that she can set it free.

Like what the hell man.

Seriously, sometimes I find the animals lovers a tad annoying. Not that I abuse animals, kick those kittens at void decks or whatever. But seriously la. Come on man. What I’m doing is for SCIENCE. I’m not doing it for fun. I don’t wanna be greeted as a rat killer, or have people saying I’m cruel every other day.

I don’t get why those animal lovers wanna put a stop to all these animal testings. If we don’t test the drugs on animals, what do we test it on? On grass huh? Then we would have all those environmentalist coming after us, saying we are harming the environment and what’s not.

And where do they think the medicine came from? Drop down directly from the skies? The medicine for heart diseases, skin diseases, and every single disease in the world? If we don’t test it on animals, then shall we use humans for testings instead? So that all the poor little animals shall be spared from all these cruelty?

Yeah, then those ethics people would come after us.

So what’s the best solution? Stop all testings right? So that we would never get any cure for heart diseases, which by the way, is one of the top killers in the world. And no AIDS cure. And no bird flu cure. So all discoveries would come to a halt. And all doctors can just go eat air alright?

And what’s up with buying the white rats for labs to release them into the wild?

Firstly, the white rats reproduce so damn freaking fast that no number bought to be set free in the wild would even make a difference la. And secondly, they would bloody hell cause a pest problem. Creating a new addition to the food chain with no predators to control their numbers.

Like what the hell are those people thinking? I don’t get all those buy a tortoise to set free in the wild or buy whatever to set free in the wild things. Have they ever thought that whatever they bought were bred in large numbers, and have never been exposed to the wild? They would freaking hell die when left to fend for themselves for goodness sake.

The more I type, the more annoyed I get.


And stop calling me a rat killer! Bloody freaking hell. ARGH.

5 Responses to "I cant stand it."

Usually when people ask me to chill, I get more annoyed than ever. hahaha.. But thankfully I also get over things rather quickly. =))

oh shit..

sorry for asking u to take pics of them rats

i wasnt one of those who accused u hor? =)

yannie: Nah. It’s ok la. Even before I took the pictures, people have been calling me a rat killer. Really annoying. Anyway, I wanna keep them too. =))

weige: No la. haha.. Where have you disappeared to?!?!?

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