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The Nine Signs of a (female) Scientist

Posted by: OLLie on: February 22, 2009

1. She stops doing all her manicure and pedicures.

’cause her hands are buried under gloves all day, and her feet are all covered up in covered shoes. No one would be able to appreciate how pretty her nails are except for the insides of the gloves and shoes, and she decided that “Screw manis and pedis!”

2. She stops wearing contact lens to lab, and goes back to donning her geeky glasses.

For one, those glasses provide her eyes with protection against the chemicals that she deals with all day long. And wearing contacts for 16hours at one go is really depriving her eyes of the necessary oxygen.

3. Her bag always has a ready supply of moisturizer and lip balm.

Seriously, nothing is quite as dry as staying in lab for at least 12hours daily.

4. She gets really happy when she’s able to leave for home at 7+pm instead of the usual 10+pm.

Little joy in life, you know?

5. She can sing along to all the songs that are being played on 987FM, and even recite the ads that are played every haf an hour.

Her most hated ad is the “TODAY” ad, and her fav jingle is the one that is played right before the Shan and Ros show.

Oh, and she listens to 5 different shows daily: AM Mayhem, Desiree Lai, Ryan Seacrest, Shan and Ros, and Muttons to Midnight. And has decided that the song that the station is trying to promote is “Reach Out” by Hilary Duff ’cause it’s played at least 5 to 6 times a day.

6. Despite the fact that she has gotten so sick of all the English songs, she finds her lab weird when the radio’s turned off.

Her voice is too loud, her rapid typing on the laptop seems too jarring, and the whirring of her water pump sounds lonely.

7. She’s online practically everytime you sign in to MSN, but her responses are uber slow at times, and really fast at other times.

Her slow response means that she’s most probably mixing some drugs, diluting the drugs to the right concentration, adding drugs to her rat arteries, or cleaning her rat arteries.

On the other hand, her fast response means that she is waiting for her rat arteries to stabilize.

8. She nurses a sore right wrist and thumb from all the pipetting that she does a day.


8.  Her day usually ends with her going home looking like a zombie that hasnt drank blood for months, showering, and fainting onto her bed with a loud thud, not waking up till the alarm shocks the daylights outta her the next morning.


4 Responses to "The Nine Signs of a (female) Scientist"

There’s a double 8 but no 9…so i’ll add one in.

9. She’s also cock-eyed. :P

hahaha.. No lor.. Im not cock-eyed. Just forgot. haha..

NO offence hor :P

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