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3 years old!

Posted by: OLLie on: February 9, 2009

My dearest bloggy 3 years old!

Happy birthday bloggy!

Though I havent been updating as frequently as before, and I havent been thinking of you that much recently, I still love you ya.


It’s been increasingly difficult to blog  here while I do my project as there’s always someone beside me, sneaking looks over while thinking that I’m not looking and yet claim extremely loudly that she’s not looking at my screen.

Exasperating really.

On another note, D and E made me drink so much the other day that I merlioned. Not so much of E really, but more of D.

Goodness, I hate the feeling of extreme sleepiness and yet being kept awake to drink more. But it’s alright, I got back at D by tickling/poking/scratching/disturbing/waking him up after only 3hours. *evil laughters*

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hm.. did u drink a lot? :p now i know u cant hold drinks that well.. hahaha..

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