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CNY 2009

Posted by: OLLie on: January 28, 2009

I started off my CNY with a limp.

Or rather, a sprain, a blue black, and a scraped knee. By falling off my dad’s MPV while climbing outta the car.

And to think the FengShui guy on TV on the eve of CNY said that the ones with the zodiac of Ox gotta take care of their health, especially so for the limbs. And I was thinking to myself: “Limbs? Ah. Whatever.”

And it came true within a day!!!!!!!!


No heels sia. And more scars to my already scarred legs. Sigh.

But this CNY has been good. As I celebrated my birthday together with the CNY eve, I received more ang paos than usual as a birthday present. And I camwhored LOADS. With a DSLR no less. Ho ho ho.

May this CNY be a good one for everyone. =))

And I love the date today. *winks*

2 Responses to "CNY 2009"

Yay! Got more butterflies and centipedes to draw liao!!

Lai lai… send me pictures!!!

Jay: Mai la! So ugly!

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