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Random thoughts

Posted by: OLLie on: January 24, 2009

I have been having weird random thoughts recently:

1. I don’t think my childhood ideal of getting married at 24 is gonna come true at the rate that I’m growing old. I’m turning 23 in 4 freaking days and I’m no closer to getting hitched. =XX

2. Whether the driver of the lorry which was smashed in the accident a week back on KJE is alright. And how the family is doing.

3. Why is it so hard to find true love in this time and age? How come people in my parents and grandparents’ generation don’t get divorced, whereas divorce can be used as a threat so easily in arguments nowadays?

4. I need more vegetables and fruits in my diet. I wanna shit normally.

5. Why is CNY zooming in so quickly this year? I only managed to get new clothes just yesterday after resigning myself to not having any new clothes this year.

6. Seeing how my granddad has fallen ill just 2 nights ago, makes me wanna run over to my grandparents place to help out. Yet my family needs me too. How I wish I can split myself into two like an amoeba.

7. I wanna shit normally. =((

8. I cant find my handphone’s stylus, and it’s killing me to feel the hole where the stylus used to reside whenever I use my phone now.

9. Driving on the roads is kinda freaky. One moment you are perfectly fine, and the next moment, you might be stuck underneath the whole debris, losing an arm/leg/eye/organ. =XX

10. I think I’m thinking too much depressing thoughts. It’s gonna be CNY soon! And I ought to be happier! CNY! Happy! CNY!! Happy!!

11. I want my bak kwa……..

12. And ferrero rocher (how to spell the rocher huh?!?!)…..

13. And more ferrero rocher…

14. And pistachios.

15. And gingko nut soup lovingly prepared by my Daddy. =DD

16. And my manicure looks uber chio.

I think I’m going nuts. HAHA.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! *HUGS HUGS HUGS*

7 Responses to "Random thoughts"

I just have to ask this… how do you shit now?

happy cny! *zoom off to genting till chu er*

u know there ARE some high fibre stuff (powder thingy) that u can eat tgt with ur food/drink to help u pass motion..

Razlan: Ah. Interesting question. When the urge comes I guess. HA.

charps: Happy CNY to you too! Enjoy your genting trip!!

erinna: Hmmm.. I think it’s alright la. I’ll just eat more veg. =DDD

HAppy new year!!!

No.2: If it is a big truck used for transporting sand, the driver passed away. He was working for my friend. It happened the same period as when you witnessed. Not sure if it’s the same.

antz: I’m not sure what was it transporting leh. But omgosh. I feel so darn sad for the family regardless of whether it is the same accident not. It’s CNY leh. Sigh.

yup, it was sad as he’s got a 2 yr old baby girl…

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