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Short Hair

Posted by: OLLie on: January 18, 2009

Remember how I went to chop off my locks a year ago?

I have my long locks back yesterday!

It’s no miracle. Just spend 150bucks, and everyone can get long hair too.

Now I’ve freaking long hair, which feels utterly weird against me. It gets stuck under my bag straps, gets caught in the zip of my bag, feels erm.. strange against my body especially when washing it.

I have not decided whether it’s cool to have someone else’s hair attached to mine, or disgusting to feel them while they are wet and against my back.

And the most upsetting thing is when I got home, flips my hair excitedly into the hair aka Pantene commercial,  only to have my sister saying this:

Omgawd.. You look like a witch.


Thanks ar. I spent 150bucks, and she called me a freaking witc, which I decided to ignore, to prim myself in the mirror happily.

*flicks my long hair with a vengeance*

6 Responses to "Short Hair"

haha, short hair’s nice indeed. err? u tagged me? lol. was wonderin how u hopped there if its u o.0. lol, u nid not bother if u dun understand wad i’m sayin. btw, wonderful blog u have here =)

Reminds me of the movie The Eye.

What if the hair belong to some girl who committed suicide or kena murdered har?

*run away*

moral of the story.. dont cut your hair

JS: hahha.. yeah, it’s me. =)) Thanks for the support!

Jay: Eeyer. You know, I thought of that possibility before. And also, whether the hair belonged to some drug addict, or there’s gonna be some drug residues stuck in the hair. =XXX

erinna: Ah. Babe. You know me for so freaking long already, you know should know I always do this kinda stupid stuff and regret afterwards. =((

I want to see photo.. NPNT.. email me.. heheh

jaschoc: Mai la… hahahhahaa.. I abit lazy. Chk out my facebook after CNY k? Should have some pics there. =))

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