oooh lah lah.. i like it!


Posted by: OLLie on: January 16, 2009

I think constipation’s such a freaky thing.

On one hand, you are adding more food into your stomach, which are eventually gonna turn into nutrients for your body, and then those that are useless are gonna be turned into shit.

On the other hand, you arent shitting all those shit out, which means there are gonna be an accumulation of the shit in your large intestines, which I hope wouldnt get so filled with shit that the shit reaches the small intestines, and eventually, your stomach.

Like omgosh, the food that are gonna be digested in your stomach is gonna be mixed with the shit that have stuffed all your intestines full??

*eyes open BIG BIG*

Oh, and when I say “you”, I mean me instead.

Ahhhh.. I need more vegetables and fruits.

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