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Wrong idea

Posted by: OLLie on: January 13, 2009

Hmmm.. I think people are starting to get the wrong idea about what I wrote in the previous post,

Maybe the novelty of blogging has worn off. Maybe the excitement of being involved in the blogosphere doesnt appeal to me anymore. Maybe I’m just tired of all the blogs that have commercialised, and could no longer find good blogs to read anymore.

And it seems that friends that I have gotten to know through blogging think that I do not wanna keep in contact with them anymore. The truth is totally far from that.

I’m grateful to Jaywalk for helping me get aclimatised to the blogging scene back then, introducing so many bloggers to me, AKK, Winter, Jaschocolate, Aloeve, to name a few.

And I’m glad to have known good friends like Addict, ZheBin, and Kampongbabe.

There’s so many others that I have gotten to known along the way, we werent exactly close, but they have made my stay in the blogosphere a good one. You know who you are. =))

I do wanna keep in contact k? Don’t disappear on me!

And lastly, I think I’m coming back here to blog. And I hope this time round, it wouldnt be all depressing matters anymore. =)

9 Responses to "Wrong idea"

ah? me not included? =((

must blog leh.. cos i am still reading ur blog.. heee.. even though i seldom comment. hehe

weige: You’re included ar. In the ones that made my stay here good! =D

winter: I missed you leh! I wanna go out with you again!!

antz: Ah. What’s with the blah? haha.. welcome back to my blog!!!

im always here..unlike u…:P

You’re welcome. :)

Aw..Glad that blogging has made us into good friends. :)

Muacks.. love ya babe.. Hehehehehe

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