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Last Scandal

Posted by: OLLie on: October 3, 2008

OMFGOSH. My korean actress just died!

The korean show that I was watching last week, Last Scandal,  which was so hilarious yet sad, and so damn romantic, the korean actress Choi Jin Shil just commited suidice.

News can be found here.


I’m like so upset but nobody seems to be able to share my grief.


4 Responses to "Last Scandal"

it’s so scary how stress can cause one to just go.. sighz..

very sad sia. before she died ppl call her loanshark. after tat ppl say she selfish for leaving behind her kids.

those people really don’t know how to shut up and not be smart alecks.. maybe thats why so many k-stars committed suicides:S

Good luck for your exams… Just a bit more.. Chiong ah~~~~~

wru~~~~ y u long time no blog~~~~

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