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Bawling my eyes out

Posted by: OLLie on: October 2, 2008

I just spent the morning of Hari Raya bawling my eyes out.

Over a book, that is.

So I essentially snuggled on my bed reading Dorothy’s Koomson’s My Best Friend’s Girl for the whole of today, listening to my all time comfort/feel-good Carpenters songs.

With swollen eyes, I felt much better in days, surprisingly.

Now I’m feeling all the guilt for not reading up all the science journals that are gonna be discussed tomorrow for tutorial, and not reading up another journal for an assignment discussion slated for next week (I hope), and basically spending my rare public holiday just reading.

Actually, I get my Wednesdays off. It’s just that the presence of my parents made it feel like a holiday, a day for relaxation, a day like.. Sunday.

But I’m feeling emotionally better, so who cares.

Actually I care, ’cause I’m the only one that is gonna have to read up all those readings, and complete revision in time for the exams. Oh freak.

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