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Korean drama theory

Posted by: OLLie on: September 28, 2008

It’s been 11 days since I last updated.

Like duhz.


Am contemplating on the closure of this blog, since there’s nothing to be blogged about at the moment. It’s been all assignments, datelines, tests, and the mad rush to complete them all.

Of course, the past week was spent watching korean drama, then feeling the immense guilt in not doing any work at all. Or the attempt to do work, but was distracted by the korean drama temptations.

It wasnt all wasted though. I came up with this fabulous theory:

The reason why there is a decline in number of marriages, which inevitably led to a decline in birth rates, that would lead to an increase in burden of the working population due to the ageing population and yada yada yada is due to….

Are you ready for it?

Yep. Korean dramas.

Or rather, drama serials in general. But korean drama serials play a huge part in this.


Simply the fact that it is mostly watched by females, whereas males seldom watch all those sappy, romantic comedy drama serials. So, all the females that watch these serials would have a different expectation of the ideal guy. Someone that is along the lines of being hot, hunky, super nice, heroic, likes irritating the female lead but loves her with all his heart, kisses well, and when he hugs the female lead, he engulfs her in an embrace on the account that he’s super tall and muscular and she being petite and skinny.

What a long sentence. But anyhow, these females would have a higher expectation of their male counterparts in reality, but the males would be oblivious to their expectations as they don’t watch the drama serials. So this leads to the females and males having a different level in expectation and what they feel they are expectated to be respectively.

Oh, and the females don’t realize that the percentage of males that are 180cm and above? I believe it’s lesser than 10% in the population in Singapore.

So I derive this conclusion:

Korean drama = High expectations by females = Bewildered Males that don’t know what they are supposed to do = Fewer couples getting married = Sliding birth rates = Increased burden in the long run.

Of course, we were all taught to not give problems, but to come up with solutions to every problem. So, I come up with this brilliant solution:

Make all guys watch korean/japanese/taiwanese drama serials.

Brilliant. No?


2 Responses to "Korean drama theory"

make all girls stop watch k-drama…

STOP UR HALLUCINATING!! no such guy exist

zavalta: hahaha.. Yeah, we know. But somehow we wish to have that perfect guy, you know?

And no way! How to stop watching man?!!? hahaha..

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