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Eyelashes dropping

Posted by: OLLie on: September 7, 2008

My eyelashes are dropping like crazy recently.

Dropping as in shedding.

And I already have like really little eyelashes. You know how some people can have lush thick long lashes? I can only achieve that if I were to put on fake lashies or put on tons of mascara, which I don’t.

When I commented that “Oh man! I have been dropping eyelashes like crazy recently!” to AG, he replied “Is that a matter of concern?” so matter-of-factly that I stared at him in horror before bombarding him with how I’m not blessed with thick lashes and that if that keeps up, I’m gonna end up lashless!

But anyhow, the most puzzling thing is that I have never been dropping lashes so crazily (crazily as in a few lashes a day), only the occassional one lash once every few months or so.

I guess I can only conclude that someone’s missing me like crazy, after all, there’s this saying that says that if you drop a lash, it means that someone’s missing you.

*taking comfort in a baseless hearsay*

7 Responses to "Eyelashes dropping"

hmm… not me =P

Huh?! Once every few months is crazy lah!! I drop at least 2 on each side per day!!!!! Just took a shower and indeed, I
dropped 3 lor…4th one went into my eye.

I’ve never seen eyelashes in the process of growing out so I’m amazed I still have them. Should start counting how many eyelashes I have still stuck there to see at what rate I’m losing them..

Wish eyelashes never have to drop man…They get thinner and shorter over the years for me. Follow my mum one. :( By the time I reach her age, they will be barely visible like hers.

I’m looking at the mirror to scrutinise the lashes as I type this comment. The longer I stare, the more confused I am as to why lashes have become a criterion of beauty. I mean, all along it’s just a beauty concept in my head embedded by others; as with all other concepts, actually… But, I dunno leh. I feel confused when I focus on them now since I usually just ignore them…You should try that…Go look in the mirror and play with your lashes and see if you get confused.)

Wow. What a long comment..hehe..paiseh. mum just walked in and I asked, “Have you ever seen your eyelashes grow?” And she looked at me, with her classic expression (dunno how to describe! next time show you) and said, “Eyelashes don’t grow…”

Err..wait, that’s not true right? :/

weige: Wah. That’s super nice of you ar.

addict: HAHAHA. Your mom’s super funny. Eh, they do grow la. Otherwise I would be lashless at the rate that I’m dropping my lashes recently. =((

And no, I’m not gonna look at the mirror and think. I would go crazy man. hahahhaha.. But you have such thick lashes as compared to mine! I’m serious! I think yours grow at a faster rate than mine, so drop more frequently than mine too? Hahahha.. I have no idea man.

I just wish they would stop dropping. I want thick lush lashes!!!!

haha.. there’s a kind of serum for lashes.. my fren uses it and she’s having those huge natural peepers (check it out here).. otherwise juz use some mascara everyday.. brush on a few stroke.. whenever i do that.. my lashes tend to get healthier and longer each day.. hee.. OR.. next time we can go try out lash extensions tgt!!! hee

pegs: Hmmm. But removing mascara always makes me drop a few lashes leh. ’cause mine’s the waterproof kind. Gotta use strength in removing it.

And I didnt hear that great stuff about lash extensions. But I still wanna try!! hahahahhaha..

haha.. use maybelline unstoppable.. can wash away with normal foam and water.. no need to rub so hard..

i heard lash extensions are great.. last for max 2 wks i tink..

pegs: But what if I were to cry? hahaha.. Then it would get all smudged! hahah.. but then again, the possibility of me crying on a normal day is pretty close to nil.

Extensions right, I heard that it’s not that good ’cause after some time, some wld droop, and the rest would still be alright, so it would look kinda weird. haha..

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