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Procrastination – Fuel for blogging

Posted by: OLLie on: September 2, 2008

As usual, procrastination strikes.

And I realized, procrastination always leads me to blogging new entries. Am thankful that I have a blog full or words and not pictures, ’cause I shudder at that thought of resizing pics just to blog. OLLie is a busy girl who hates resizing pictures, so picture blog would normally end up dead, or dead for a long time.

Here, I can chop chop type, chop chop post, chop chop go back to my work. Chop chop everything. Ha.

Just went to the optician yesterday who declared that my degree has decreased (yay!!), but astigmatism has increased tremedously (FREAK!!!!!!!!), and recommended hard lenses to correct the astig by pressing the cornea back into shape.

Wanna ask, does hard lens hurt alot? ’cause the guy told me it would hurt like crazy, and I’m freaking out at the thought of painful eyes, yet am freaking out even more at the thought of my astigmatism worsening like crazy.


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doesnt hurt… uncomfortable la. u’ll get used to it pretty soon… anw, u have been wearing soft contacts all the while.. putting the hard ones are a lot easier than soft lenses.. since they are smaller and more rigid. buuuut.. yeah.. more uncomfortable. and my optician says that its not as dry as the soft ones (cos the soft ones absorb tears like a sponge)

I started off using RGP lenses which lasted me 9 years (coz my degree stabilised and I send it in for servicing every year religiously).

It took me 6 weeks to get used to it. It is not painful but just feel like there is sand in the eyes. The bigger problem is you are sooo tempted to rub it which risk the lens falling out and getting lost in the streets.

erinna: So in a way, the hard lenses are supposed to be better la? Just that more painful and more troublesome ’cause have to get rid of the proteins and all?

Jay: Oh, gotta send for servicing? I didnt know that.

Omgosh. If I were to rub and drop it, I would be like dropping 300bucks on the streets!

eh.. i scare u abit can?

My former optician let me tried once, and I am glad she did. buey tahan …. u know, it’s like there’s this big sand/eyelash in your eyes. My eyes keep tearing. The optician ask me to lift my chin and look down, so i can stop blinking .and Then she remove the lens using a mini pump. tat’s it. no hard lens for damsel, else i’ll be truely in distress.

tat said, everyone got different sensitivity level lah. Alot of people wear hard lens de mah.

well. er. its as troublesome to clean as soft lens.. in my opinion… i stopped buying my soft lens.. cos.. well.. i alr have hard lens.. anw, yeah. its as wad damsel says.. but.. will get used to it.. just gotta persevere.. :p

damsie: Wah really that bad ar. The optician also said the same thing, that it would feel super uncomfortable. But I’m seriously worried about the state of my astigmatism. Sigh. =(((

erinna: Hai. I guess you are right. After all, I didnt even thought I would be capable of being so diligent the cleaning of my contacts before I started wearing them.

I want perfect eyesight! =(((

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