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On the Smell and Music in a Toilet Cubicle

Posted by: OLLie on: August 24, 2008

This post is inspired by Addict. =)

Have you ever gone to the washroom, into the toilet cubicle, and the first thing that you do is to have a quick sniff of the cubicle to see if the previous occupant had taken a dump there?

Have you ever walked right out of the cubicle wrinkling your nose and fanning yourself rapidly to get rid of the foul smell that you sniffed in, and joining back the uber long queue for toilet cubicles, willing yourself to wait for the next available cubicle instead of using the horrid smelling one?

Have you ever caused the people behind you in the queue to wrinkle their noses too, and cast suspicious looks at the empty cubicle that has a cloud of invisible foul smell emitting, wondering whether they should risk smelling the odour for a minute, or if they should wait a few minutes more for the next empty cubicle?

Have you ever gone to the cubicle, only to start listening to the sound music from cubicles beside you unconsciously?

Have you ever chuckled to yourself, listening to the rapid spray of urgent pee finally being released, imagining how relieved the owner of the urgent pee must be?

Have you ever controlled the release of your pee so that you can avoid making the same rapid spray of urgent pee so that people outside/beside your cubicle wouldnt chuckle while listening to your urgent pee finally being released, and imagining how relieved you must be?

Have you ever hovered over a toilet bowl seat in a 马步 stance instead of wiping/laying multiple layers of toilet paper over the seat ’cause 1) It’s faster, and 2) You wouldnt have to touch your precious ass to the bacteria/virus -infested toilet seat?

Have you ever wiped off the droplets of pee on the toilet seat AFTER you peed so that the next occupant who is gonna have a good look at you as you walk out of the cubicle wouldnt think that you are a disgusting toilet hoverer who drips pee all over the toilet seat?

Have you ever held your breath when you hear “Poooooooooooooot!” or the subtle “domp!” “domp!” “domp!” of shit stool dropping a short distance into the water of the toiletbowl?

Have you ever ran out of your cubicle holding your breath ’cause you don’t wanna take in any of the odour that might be floating over and under the partition that separates you and the person taking a dump next door?

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror, wiping off the beads of perspiration and unsticking the strands of hair that have gotten stuck to your face due to the perspiration, and heaving a sigh of relief that the saga at the toilet is finally over, and you can go back out to join your friends/boyfriend/members of the opposite sex with a sheepish smile ’cause they were starting to think that you have dropped into a toilet bowl?

I have. =)

p/s: This article only applies to the Ladies.

2 Responses to "On the Smell and Music in a Toilet Cubicle"

Oh the experiences a woman has to go through to get toilet business done. Hahaha

At least now most of the shopping centres make our public toilet lives less miserable by providing toilet paper. In the past toilets always don’t have one lor. And failure rate of the flush system is also low. Thank god.

addict: Woah. Yeah. The most annoying thing is no toilet paper. I totally dread that! hahah..

And I cant stand stinky toilets. =S

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