oooh lah lah.. i like it!

Oh man!

Posted by: OLLie on: August 20, 2008

I’m in a dilemma.

I have been drooling over the Sony Ericsson G900 for the longest time ever, and it’s now going for $198!

But. (Yeah, there’s always a but.)

Its 5 megapixel camera (though higher mega pixel than my K800i’s 3.2 megapixel) isnt as good as my K800i. It’s lacklustre, looking dull, and doesnt have the vibrancy that K800i has.

Note: Higher megapixel camera doesnt necessarily means a better camera. Higher megapixels only means that one can print bigger sized photos, contrary to popular beliefs that higher megapixels = better.

Anyhow, the dilemma is that I take loads of pictures with my handphone. Though I have my beautiful, bimbotic pink Sony T20 (yeah, outdated, but still damn good), I don’t always bring it around with me ’cause I leave my bag lying around in school.


The G900 has got wifi and touchscreen!

And wifi is gonna be in all future phones!


If I don’t get the phone by Friday, the price would go back to  $298!


If I don’t use the contract to buy a phone now, my mom would just go ahead and buy a zero dollar phone for my younger sis.


I’m in such a dilemma! *pulls hair in frustration!*

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Let your sister have the phone lah.

As for Wi-Fi. it is overrated. Nobody really uses wi-fi on the phone.

eh, the dilemma is to buy or not to buy… tat’s easy ma… got spare cash to spend, buy lo, no, then dun buy lo

its not like u hv 2 choices of phone u wanna buy…

Jay: The problem is, my sis doesnt even use the hp. The hp is there for show only. There’s no point in getting her a new phone at all. My Mom just wanna use the plan.

And my family has already used my plan to get a phone, so I wouldnt be able to change for another 2 years.

zavalta: hahah.. There’s no other phone that I’m interested in. And I have been eyeing this one since Feb! Even before it was launched! hahaha..

So I think I’m getting it. =))

oh this model, nice!
i like the finishing along the side of the phone (red colour model) =)


I was looking at the G900 also but it’s too expensive without I shall not bother considering. But yea lor!! The wi-fi and touch screen are tempting.

Was thinking of K770i…Thought about your model (K800i) as well…Argh. Very hard to decide!! Cos ah..If I buy something that’s considered quite outdated but still require me to spend $300+ without contract, a bit dumb right.

Might as well buy some really outdated phone and save $250. Problem with this approach is that it’s quite extreme…haha. And the very outdated phone will sure be damn ugly. :(

coincidentally, I just groped this phone at Sony svc centre this afternoon. the features sound impressive, and i do use wifi on phone, ALOT.


the buttons are seriously … seriously … uncomfy to use. Too small, and the ‘feel’ is not quite there when i press them.

But then ‘feel’ is very subjective de, so u have the final say.

aiyah, if u can easily afford it and there’s nuttin else tat interest u now, JUST GET IT!

weige: I’m getting the red! haha..

addict: hahahhaha.. I think you are in a worse dilemma than me. Get a new phone before you leave! Or alternatively, you can go over to UK then buy? But would the phones there be ex, erm, I have no idea. haha..

But my phone k800i is cool! I love love love it to bits! That’s why a little reluctant to pass it over to my sis. Hai.

damsie: haha.. I tried it out yesterday too. It’s eh, ok for me ba. My mom has already helped me to get it, but will only be delivered on Monday! Ah. Anticipating like crazy! Hahaha..

Will blog about how it is! If it’s really good, I might be able to blog on the go! haha..

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