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My Gaydar is broken

Posted by: OLLie on: August 17, 2008

Went to New Urban Male with Biatcho the other day when omgosh, the NUM guy checked out Biatcho instead of me la.

Note: Biatcho is a guy with hot legs.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw the NUM guy standing behind Biatcho, checking out his legs. And when the NUM guy saw me noticing, he quickly averted his eyes.

Then all through the time at the NUM shop, his attention was on Biatcho, and Biatcho only. Even when I was asking him some stuff about the Havaianas colours, he gave me this 敷衍 answer and quickly turned his attention back to Biatcho who was just browsing.

Like wth.

That’s when Biatcho told me to not take offense ’cause the guy’s probably gay, and not that he didnt wanna notice me.


Oh well.

Inspired by that guy, we decided to go gays spotting.

According to Biatcho, there’s this code among the community that if they were looking for sex, they would just don a backpack and walk around the top level of Raffles City. Refusing to believe him, I decided to go along to have a look.

And true to his words, we spotted a few couples, one with a backpack, the other without, leaving hurriedly when they got together.

Some even had arms over the other’s shoulder.

That’s when I realized that my gaydar is broken. ’cause I couldnt detect whether they were gays if they werent together, along with the backpack thing. Biatch, who has loads of encounters of gays stalking him didnt have any of that problem, and could spot one in a moment’s notice.


I think lesbians in Singapore are much more open than the gays in Singapore. ’cause it’s so normal to see lesbians around that I would see at least 3 couples each time I go out. But for the gays? Not so.

Think Singapore is still not that open to the idea of gays.

Oh well.

Anyhow, gays or lesbians, as long as they are happy, I don’t really care about their sexual orientation. But I know that I still prefer my hot manly guy, like Dan Humphrey  from Gossip Girl.

Huge ass pic ’cause he’s so hawt! *drools*

8 Responses to "My Gaydar is broken"

gays are everywhr babe.. i can spot on easily too.. mayb coz i worked with so many of them b4.. haha..

pegs: haha.. I can spot the obvious ones, but not the not so obvious ones! hahah.. That’s why i think that my gaydar is broken. =S

i think its just ur gaydar broken..

erinna: HAHA. I think so too! hhahaha..

woah, i better dun carry a backpack and walk ard on the top level of Raffles City in the future!

weige: Hahaha.. You can. If you are looking for ONS with some guy la. =))

u mean OTS (One Toilet Stand) instead? hahaha

weige: Wah lau. Not so cheapo ba. Go Hotel 81 la. hahaha..

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