oooh lah lah.. i like it!

Organising shite

Posted by: OLLie on: August 8, 2008

I absolutely hate organising stuff, then people pang seh at the very last minute. So utterly disappointing and frustrating.



Gonna forget about organising any more shite and go for lessons now.

But still, ARGHHH.

5 Responses to "Organising shite"

what u organise? got outting?

dun sian lah… next time we organise ok? haha

i totally agree! especically when their excuse is ‘too tired’

hahah.. some time ago i also was ps by the people who kept saying want to go. ppl is like this, they wan but they don wan to do it. when u do the shit work they decided they just give u shit results also. lol

just take it in stride and learn from the lesson ba :D

X: OG 07 outing la. =)

favfreshie07(bigger): Ya you better organise with the favfreshie07(smaller). Bleh.

yannie: Ya lo. Cannot stand that especially. hahaha..

charps: Ay, learn from what lesson? This kinda thing can never learn one. It will always happen. If I were to stop organising, there might not be any big scale gatherings le. And I’m talking about like jc, uni etc. Not just for this particular one.


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