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Bleeding non stop

Posted by: OLLie on: August 6, 2008

The other day, I accidentally scratched this tiny little wound that was smaller than 0.5mm on my wrist, and it started bleeding like crazy.

No matter what I do, the blood just kept oozing out. Even when I applied pressure on it for a damn long time, the blood was just steadily oozing non stop, out of the tiny little wound.

It was so bad till I started thinking that I might be a haemophiliac.

Even my sister got a shock when I showed her the blood oozing out.

This was what she saw:

This is the max it got before it started dripping off my wrist. The amount of blood amounted to 2 tissue paper full. 2 pieces of 3 ply tissue paper alright!

Imagine, from a wound that was just less than 0.5mm in diameter.

Absolutely horrifying.

9 Responses to "Bleeding non stop"

girllll! that happened to me also! so freaky la. i have NO idea why so much blood flows from such a miserably small wound

yannie: Haha.. Really? Omgosh. You make me feel so comforted in knowing that I’m not the only one la. hahahhaha..

And it’s freakingly scary la!!

the photo is so kinky la!

weige: KINKY?!?! HOOW???!?!?



that’s why it’s the most common point for suicide! haha

That’s why it’s the most common place to consider for suicides!!! haha

haha, i dunno how to explain =P

erinna: My blood’s CLEAN!!! hahaha..

sick, Antz: Aiyo, are you both the same person? I suspect so!!! Hahahahhahahaha..

weige: Try!! I wanna hear.

Omgosh. I didnt know you have this sort of fantasies. hahahaha..

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