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Shoes and brittle nails

Posted by: OLLie on: July 28, 2008

Nails been dying on me.

Wondering if it’s ’cause of all the manicure, and nails didnt get sufficient sunlight plus vits.

Cut those cracked nails off and now I have uneven nail length for different nails. =(

Just pissed an old secondary friend off unknowingly, and he put “WHY SO ANNOYING?” damn big on his msn nick. I’m sad.

The 2 pairs of heels that I have been eyeing for the longest time ever at Charles and Keith’s are on sale now! 20% off! But I don’t know whether to buy them anot. =(

One pair’s really green, and would be damn difficult to match with clothes, but just looks so perfect on my feet.

The other pair’s white and really high. Would get loads of blisters, hurt after just standing in them for 5mins, but DAMN CHIO.

Along with the problem that NTU has loads of hills and steps, and I don’t go out that often to warrant the purchase of 2 pairs of heels.

Omgosh. How?!?!?!

*feeling bimbotic* =D

Am still sad over annoying my friend. =(

7 Responses to "Shoes and brittle nails"

hi ollie …. sorry i couldn’t stop to chat … but i’m really glad to see you :)

babe: Babe! I missed you!!! And you look good! As good as always. =))

And no prob about that. I’m ok with it. =D

thanks ollie … very sweet of you to say so. i’ve missed you too! your sweet smile lights up your whole face, keep smiling =)

buy both?? but anyway told get the Green one! haha..jus buy the time..u think abt more sales..than u Regret lo…

but the green one! unique!


babe: hahaha.. Thanks babe. Yep I will. Keep in contact k? =))))

wazi: Eeks. I went to check it out today, and still have got 20% off! hahahahaha..

pegs: Hmmmm.. I’m gonna make myself buy it tml. Tml’s the day!!!!

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