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Posted by: OLLie on: July 22, 2008

No mood to blog.

Mood’s been going all rollercoaster. One moment I’m on a high, and the next I’m feeling so emo.

Things arent what they seem, and I miss several important things terribly.

Working to earn some moolah so that the next school term won’t be that tight. But sale’s been bad. Real bad. Boring the shit out of me.

Oh, on a happier note, I realized I don’t like durian all that much now!

I used to crave for durian, love it to bits, and if there’s any durian in the house, I would make sure that I get some.

But now, even when I smell it, I don’t feel the urge to eat it. Sometimes I even feel damn disgusted by the smell. Especially when someone burps durian burps or fart durian farts. Omgosh. Those really kills. I gotta hold my breath and make my escape.

But I still like durian puffs (Goodwood Park’s and Emicakes!), and durian crepes (Goodwood Park!).

I think I have an expensive taste. Ha.

And see? My mood’s all crazy. Shit man. I bet my hormones are going crazy at this moment. And no, it’s not PMS or what.

Argh. Hormones! Calm down!!

4 Responses to "Emo’ing"

its called PMS!!!! :D hehe. hate that. but it makes me feel like im a madwoman… happy one moment, angry another moment.. :S

erinna: No leh. It’s not supposed to be PMS leh. Sigh.

pre-PMS then? hahaa

weige: No la. If that’s the case, all you guys out there sure die liao la. Pre-pms also have. hahaha…

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