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Terrible at staying awake all night

Posted by: OLLie on: July 18, 2008

I’m terrible at staying awake all night. I came home and concussed from 930am till 7pm.

Had the last freshmen orientation camp of my 4 years of uni life this week, and boy, do I feel old.

Though most people thought that I’m 18/year 2/anything besides being a year 4.  *grins*

Unique bunch of freshies that don’t like the normal cheers, but love violent games and cheers, love fright night, and being tekan-ed during initiation.

Am now emo’ing that I’m not gonna be joining anymore freshmen orientation camps, no more groups, no more craziness, no more cheers, no more camp feeling, no more telling ghost stories during fright night, no more running around the whole of singapore like a crazy bunch of people during the amazing race, no more playing games like MRT game or black magic or “this is a string, this is not a string, this is a string, so is this a string?” or “Open close open close open close, so is this open or close?”.



3 Responses to "Terrible at staying awake all night"

I cant stay up late too.. eyes will auto blink blink blink non-stop..

Dont be sad, gal.. you have more and better things waiting for you.. That’s life..

i think i wan exchange role with u now.

these few days i stayed up toooo late! :(

Jas: I just sit there in a daze and stone. haha.. Hai. Cant help being sad la.

charps: hahaha.. Don’t want. I want my sleep!

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