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I just got scolded as a CB

Posted by: OLLie on: July 12, 2008

In my whole life, through the primary school days when we werent exposed to vulgarities, through secondary school days when speaking hokkien is deemed boorish (atas school culture), to jc life and uni life that I started getting into contact into vulgarities, I have never been scolded “cb” before.

I admit to using the occasional “fuck”, frequent “damn”s and “shit”s, but never hokkien vulgarities, ’cause well, call me a prude, but my secondary school has taught me well.

So, when I got scolded “cb” by this person swearing at me under her breath, I got a shock.

And strangely, I feel my nether region is feeling very very insulted.

Bloody hell.

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Who’s that idiot? If that happened to me I would prob be in a loss for words and hopefully my stunned expression will make that person feel embarrassed. But if I’m agitated enough I may just respond with a tirade of vulgarities. Hm, I dunno. And hope I will never know.

*pets OLLie’s nether region to comfort it*

what happen!? but anyway some people damn no class de.. they scold vulgarities at every opportunity thinking it sound nice so.. don take it to heart okay?

addict: oh well. I got over it. Disappointed though. Sigh.

charps: Yep yep thanks. =))

hmm… look on the bright side! at least u didnt get scolded LCB… =X

Ignore this type of asshats.. u are way above them.. hugz..

addict: *big hugs back* =))

weige: Wah lau. You look at me, so young. How to be a LCB!!!

Jas: Yeah I know, =)))))). Btw, there’s Kuishinbo at JP now!!! Omgosh!! I wanna go eat!!

Eh I know as a friend I shouldn’t but I really LOL-ed at that leh. I’m sorry but it really is kinda funny. Maybe just think of it as erm… in English? You know, vagina?

So what about it, it’s just vagina. :) Maybe you can retort back with a “sai kang”.

TZB: And yeah, it’s my vagina that felt utterly insulted la can. No one ever scolded it before la.

I rather get scolded as a sai kang than cb la. argh.

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