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Durian burps

Posted by: OLLie on: July 5, 2008

Sitting on the train the other day, happily playing sodoku on my ds lite (yep! I’m a geek! :D ), some wafts of durian floated up my nostrils into my olfactory bulb, binding to the receptors there, making my brains detect that some form of durian must be around somewhere.

Ok, bio info overload.

But anyway, I looked up so quickly, abandoning the sodoku that I was so engrossed in, trying to figure out where the hell did the smell of durina come from. No plastic bags with prickly durians, nor suspicious looking plastic bags containing styrofoam boxes of durians either.

That’s when my nose did further detective work, and detected that the durian smell actually had a mixture of sour’ness inside, not unlike durian that have already gone down to the stomach and been mixed with the acids in the stomach in an attempt to digest them.

And that’s when realization hit me.

It wasnt any passenger that smuggled durians up the train.

But a freaking durian BURP.

That smelt absolutely freakingly disgustingly revolting.

And it wasnt just one burp. It was ALOT of burps. Coming from the auntie seated next to me.

With each burp, I would quickly fan my hands around really obviously, in hope that the auntie would realize that her burps were killing me softly and control her burps a little.

But no. She didnt take the hint, and kept burping.

I would fan away each durian burp, and there would be peace for my olfactory bulb for 5 seconds, before the next burp would arrive, assaulting my olfactory bulb again and again within that 10 mins of train ride from CCK to JE mrt station.

It was the longest ride from CCK to JE ever.

7 Responses to "Durian burps"

u could just simply have changed seat…

You don’t geh geh lah. You LIKE the smell one!!!

It was only after you realised that was a burp. Otherwise you probably smell until song song gao jurong (east).

aloe: There’s no other seats left leh. And I was torn between getting up and fanning my hands around vigorously, trying to decide which would not be as mean. So I stuck to the fanning my hands around. hahhaa..

Jay: No lor. It’s super disgusting. I only like the smell of FRESH durian!

aiyah, you could have just stood up…

weige: Aiya, I don’t wanna appear too mean leh. And also by the time I decided to get up, it was already JE. hahaha..

… i tot u fan alr appear mean. -_-” haha!

can control burp one ah… i’d like to see u try it..

neighbour give durian!! hehe..

erinna: I’m the nicest girl around k? *innocent & nice* =))

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