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I’m sad

Posted by: OLLie on: July 2, 2008

I’m so sad.

Nobody bothers to comment anymore. =(((

In this blog’s heyday, I used to receive more than 20 comments per post, even till 100 comments. Now? Only 1 or 2. Or better still, none. :(


16 Responses to "I’m sad"

ok, i’ve tried…haha

read the title on the 2nd previous post…MIAing…that explains…haha

Me here! k la..i post one also..hahaha..i think maybe nowadays got too many blogs to read? so pple lazy to comment?


Nah… Gib you obligatory comment. :P

here’s my comment… feel teh luv~~~ =p

Antz: hahaha.. kk thanks! =))

X: No lo. Nowadays is too few blogs to read la can. Nobody blogs anymore. =((

Jay: Ah. Obligatory comment! =(( ahahhaha.. thanks thanks.

zalvalta: The love is alot less now. Sobs. hahaha.. But thanks!! =)))

wat?! I just posted a comment on your previous post…. maaaaaaaa…..

hahaha!!! cos ppl dunno wad to say.. awww *hugs*

aloe: hahaha.. I know I know. Thanks for the support over the years man. =)))

erinna: *pout* haha.. Hais. This is so sad la. Nobody knows what to say anymore. Or maybe it’s me that write posts that nobody knows what to say about. SIGH.

KM: ??? =))

u need to post pic of urself to boost commentship! =P

weige: Piang. Then how I maintain my annoymous OLLie? haha..

A: Oooh. Thanks da ge! =))))

now u are officially a comment whore .. haha!

大家还是很爱 ollie 的!

damsie: hahaha.. ’cause I wanna be a camwhore but cant do it here. So gotta become a comments whore lo. hahahahah..


jas: Heehee. =)))))

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