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What women do in the name of beauty

Posted by: OLLie on: July 1, 2008

I’m constantly amazed by what women do just to maintain their beauty, or become prettier etc.

Dieting’s top on the list, followed by plastic surgery, facial products, manicures, pedicures, hair styling, brows trimming, make-up, waxing, whatever.

And to tell the truth, I have done them all save for plastic surgery.

For beauty, we go on diet. Some turn anorexic, some bulimic. Most resist tempting good food, thinking about the amount of calories they would be putting into their bodies, calculating how long do they have to jog to work off the calories. Chicken/Duck skin are forbidden, much less the fats found underneath the skin of chicken/duck/pork whatever.

Then come the make-up and facial products, slimming cream/pills etc. We spend loads of money in hope of achieving fairer skin, better skin, slimmer body.

We suffer from the pain from waxing and trimming of brows (though in my opinion, trimming of brows is a therapeutic experience).

We endure the stinky hair treatments and long hours sitting at the salon waiting for the hair to be done. Dyeing! Rebonding! Curling! Highlights!

And we put up with sitting at the nail palour as the manicurist does the manicures and pedicures, and walking about with constipated looking fingers ’cause we don’t wanna risk smudging or spoiling the newly done nails.

While the feeling of somebody fussing over your nails, giving you a massage on your tired feet, cutting off those overgrown cuticles and dead skin feels damn good, I cant help but feel that it’s a  time that I spend rotting, just waiting for the manicurist to be done, and for the nails to dry.

Every single bloody time I do my nails, I would dread the long wait for the nails to dry. And the problem is, I would always do the nails, marvel over the prettiest of my nails, then grumble about the long wait and constipated looking fingers that cant do anything.

Why the hell do I even do my nails when they chip off at the slightest opportunity and cant even last me beyond a week, I have absolutely no idea.

And the thing that ignited this post? The stinky hair from rebonding and the dreadful wait for the nails to dry today. = S

p/s: In fact, after like 12 hours, I’m still typing with damn constipated looking fingers for the fear of chipping off my nail polish when my nails get trapped within the tiny gaps of the keys. Urgh.

4 Responses to "What women do in the name of beauty"

oo.. i’ve never done plastic surgery or pedicure or manicure before… =)

aloe: Seriously, doing mani and pedi is like a waste of our youth man. hahahah..

totally agree abt e wasting time part… and u waste $ too…. so skip e medis and pedis in future!

weige: But I cannot resist leh. hahahha.. Contradictory hor? haha.

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