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Drama update

Posted by: OLLie on: June 6, 2008

In response to someone’s complaints that blogs arent updated often enough, and that my reason for not blogging: watching too many drama serials, is just an excuse for not blogging.

So here I am. With nothing interesting to update except for..

.. the no. of drama serials I caught this hols so far. =)


1. My Sweet Bun (korean)

2. Gokusen 1 (jap)

3. Great Teacher Onizuka (jap)

4. Hana Kimi (jap)

5. Hana Yori Dango 1 (jap version of Meteor Garden)

6. Police Station No. 7 七号差馆 (Canto)


1. Full House (rewatching)

2. Kim Sam Soon (rewatching)

3. Gokusen 2

4. Forensic Heroes 2 法证先锋II

5. Bambino

6. Gokusen anime


1.  GTO anime

2. Long Vacation

3. CSI

4. Heroes Season 2

So that’s what I have been up to for this hols: watching anime and drama serials like there’s no tomorrow. I’m so totally slacking for my last long hols for my whole education life.

Oh, and one thing that I discovered? Watching Hong Kong drama serials without knowing much Canto (I only know how to count from one to ten in Canto. Yes, I’m that terrible.), with only Chinese subtitles? A killer. And watching forensic Hong Kong drama serials with cheem scientitic terms and only Chinese subs? A serial killer.

It just kills me again and again while trying to decipher what the hell are the characters talking so rapidly about. It’s so bad till I cant differentiate one victim from the other victim (’cause the chinese words just flash by in 3 secs), getting totally confused from the one that was shot, and the other that had a trap clamming on his neck.

I think I spend twice the amount of time needed to watch one Hong Kong drama serial man.

p/s: Any good jap drama serials to introduce? hee. 

10 Responses to "Drama update"

wah. why u watch so many simultaneously? hehe.. hana yori dango2. :D

i am watching 法证先锋II as well!

erinna: hahaha.. ’cause nice mah. Anyway is hana yori dango 2 nice? I’m a little put off by the taiwanese meteor garden 2, so am a little reluctant to watch that. hahaah..

weige: oooh. it’s nice right! haha.. But I’m having such a terrible time trying to catch what the hell are they saying man! = S

hahaha! i just finished watching both seasons of hana yori dango. 1 was a lot better than 2, but 2′s not bad too. :) I love hanazawa rui. hahaha. oh anyway, you should try watching nobuta wo produce! it’s good :)

pizzoccheri: Ooh. Really? hahaha.. Kk I’ll try that out. Thanks!! =)))

its nice! now watching epi 12.
luckily i understand canto, just not good at speaking.

actually alot of the meaning gets lost in the translation…

weige: Ah. Don’t likett leh. Sigh. I wanna understand cantonese as well!!!!!!!!!

talk to old folks who speak canto? would help, and they would laugh at you when u speak funny, so u will learn faster =)

hi! do you know any online streaming website where i can watch the korean drama swwet buns? pls???

Hah, I sarted watching the forensics heros show recently it’s an interesting show, too bad there’s not yet any translation to english subtitles yet online, hope ch u will telecast this soon then u can watch the full show =)

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