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Breathing in fly

Posted by: OLLie on: March 29, 2008

I think I just breathed in a fly while singing in the bathroom.


Now I’m thinking of how the fly would be stuck in my lungs forever more. And the thought is grossing me out.

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the fly probably went down ur GI.. or it will eventualy be disintegrated to fractions by ur mucus.. dissolve to proteinaceous particles that will pass thru the endothelial walls.. travel thru ur systemic circulation.. reaches ur kidney and gets actively transported into the renal tubular lumens to be excreted..

it wun be there forever..


Well, looks like your only solution now is to breathe in a spider to catch fly.

Then breathe in a bird to catch the spider to catch the fly.

Then the cat to catch the bird to catch the spider to catch the fly.

Then the dog to catch the cat to catch the bird to catch the spider to catch the fly.

Feel free to add on. =)

erinna: yeah.

Pegs: Eh, breathing is through the airway leh. Not the oesophagus leh. So cant be throught the GI, and it would never get excreted out!!

Jay: Hmmm.. Then my mouth gotta be as big as a lion’s to be able to get the dog, cat, bird, spider and fly out.

What can get the dog out?

put e cat near yr nose. the dog will chase after it.. n OUT!!

charps: I shudder at the thought that my nose could be so huge as to accomodate a dog inside.

LOL. I just have to tell you this..
My colleague was just telling me this yesterday… she was cycling and saw something flew into her eye! And then it flew away.. without its legs! The legs were stuck in her eye! LOL! All 6 of them! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
SO gross!

Fat Fingers: FWAH. How she know that it flew away without its legs? You mean she saw the 6 legs stuck in her eye? Omgosh! It’s damn hilarious la. hahahaha.. And how did she get those legs out?!

she pulled the legs out! She felt something in her eyes… eugh

Fat Fingers: wahhaha.. Pulled! I would have been so utterly grossed out. haha..

So what came of this? I’m curious b/c it just happened to me 3 days ago, lol. So nasty.

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