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Weird Man

Posted by: OLLie on: March 25, 2008

I seem to be a magnet for weirdos. (A.G’s words.)

The other day on the train, there was this guy sitting opposite me who was mumbling and gesturing very avidly at the space beside me.

Or rather, what looks like an empty space to me, and I hope it was an empty space to him too. And not the case of me not seeing something that I ought to be seeing or to the likes of it.

Today, an old man seated diagonally in front of me in the bus was stretching his arm around the seat in front of me.. stretching so far back till his hands were almost touching my lap (my seat is higher than his), freaking the hell outta me.

And instead of resting on the bus (which I had planned on doing ’cause of my huge ass headache), I was busy monitoring the hand that was nearly touching me, placing my bag and file protectively on my lap.

Oh, and I was planning to scream at him if he dare to touch me.

I ended up with an even worse headache from keeping my eye on his hand that was moving non stop, attempting to stretch the furthest that it could go.

Urgh. I wanna be a magnet for hunks instead of weirdos! *hollers!*

6 Responses to "Weird Man"

lol.. i use to attract wierdos too! especially in secondary school!! but recently it seems better =)

the worst i met was

1. a guy masterbating in the library against the books! and he stalked me around the whole library after tt

2. an OLD guy who wasnt wearing any underwear and his penis was sticking out of his shorts.

3. a woman that kept talking to the space between her feet in the MRT train. she was scolding, laughing and carrying out a pretty decent one way conversation!!

yannie: HAHAHA.

I think you win me hands down. The masturbating in library and the walking around with his penis sticking outta his shorts just take the prize man. hahahhahahahahhaa..

I can imagine your look of disbelief lor. hahahaha..

its better to stay at home, then you wont meet all the weirdos!

weige: Wah. I rather go out and meet all the weirdos than stay home and become a hermit man. hahahaha..

At least meet weidos I can blog about it. =)

well… i would think birds of a feather flock together =P

weige: *ignores* You mean would find more weirdos around a weirdo right? Yeah I totally agree. I would siam them far far away. =)

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