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Rain, Umbrellas, DiSC and Mas Selamat

Posted by: OLLie on: March 14, 2008

4 guys and a girl were getting off the bus together to change to another bus headed back home when 3 of the guys had 3 huge ass umbrella.. and yet none offered the girl any shelter, watching her power walk in the downpour with only a pathetic file protecting her head from the rain.

And yeah, the girl = me.

Not that I needed them to offer me shelter, but it would be nice for someone to offer. Especially when their huge ass umbrella can shelter 2 to 3 person comfortably.

Oh well, that really goes to show how gentlemenly Singaporean guys are.

Had DiSC profiling done yesterday when I’m declared an “I” once more. Known for Influence, persuasiveness, clumsiness, Imaginative, talkative, spontaneity, Inaccuracy etc etc.

Now, how can someone with an “I” personality who loves to talk have a career in a lab?

Sigh. I’m in the wrong course for my personality. And thank goodness I didnt go Accountancy or I would have died there for being so inaccurate.

Am going so totally broke in no time. Shite man.

I’m sitting here stoning at 3 in the morning instead of sleeping ’cause I slept from 8pm to 3am, getting my 7 hours of sleep a day, and now I cant sleep. Crap.

Made a call to 999 today.

And no, it wasnt like the other time when I dialled 999 unknowingly.

’cause I had this feeling that I spotted Mas Selamat, but I’m not sure about it.

Anyhow, while going home yesterday, I saw this guy who alighted from the bus at an extremely dodgy place that had nothing in the midst of a downpour. The place had NOTHING. And by nothing, I meant it was all trees and bushes and grass and shadows and stuff.

Nobody ever gets up there, nor alight there. And I mean it, no one. I have never seen anyone getting up or alighting there through the 2 years that I have been taking that bus ’cause there’s simply nothing on both sides of the road.

Anyway, the main thing that made me call the police was ’cause he was limping as he got down the bus. Left limp. And yeah, looked Malay.

The police asked for all the tiny details, like what was he wearing, how does he look like, hair, built (I said bak bak but not fat), etc etc.

Great person to ask ’cause being someone with an “I” personality, I don’t focus on the bloody details. I see the big picture. I look at the person as a whole thing and can don’t take in the minute details. Unlike someone with a “C” personality who can observe every single thing and commit them to memory.

Oh, I bet the police thought that I was trying to hoax them ’cause I don’t see any police searching the area on the way home today.

Or maybe ’cause there’s too heavy a downpour.

Oh well.

11 Responses to "Rain, Umbrellas, DiSC and Mas Selamat"


u seriously called them?? OMG.. did they sound as though they believe you?

erinna: Erm, kinda hard for me to reply to that O.O ar girl.

yannie: Initially no, asking me all sorts of questions etc, but I guess they believed me for about 50% in the end, with the other 50% not believing ’cause I cant provide alot of details. Sigh.

hey… dun 一竹竿打翻整船人… i shelter a girl accross the road on a raining day… =P

btw, any info is gd info…. be it how small it may seems to be…


no ma, i think the guys support “girlll powerrr yeah!!”

but honestly, i would think that ur guy friends have not “grown up” yet ba… its pretty common sense to shelter girls with umbrella when its raining rite…

zalvalta: hahaha.. I also shelter people across the road lo. Just that no one nice enough to shelter me!!

erinna: =.=

weige: No la. They arent my friends. My friends would have given me the umbrella and they walk in the rain instead. hahaha.. These are perfect strangers.

i thought they were ur guy frens!!!

won’t u feel strange/odd if a male stranger offers to share his umbrella with u??
what if he is a sicko/pervert?

in the mind of the guy, he doesnt want to be mistaken to be a pervert also…thats why they never offer to share umbrella with u…

weige: No lo. I wouldnt think of it as weird but as a kind gesture. Oh well. The world shouldnt be so uptight.

ok, next time i see a girl walking in the rain i will offer her to share my umbrella =)

weige: Yeah, that would be nice. ha.

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