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Leap year

Posted by: OLLie on: February 29, 2008

Oh ho ho.

It’s finally the leap day of the leap year!

How rare is that man! It’s rarer than shooting stars, rarer than my favourite day of the year (28/01), rarer than my favourite time of the day (11.11am/pm!), and rarer than me going to the beach to suntan (which is like, never.).

Random I know.

This day always feels magical to me. Romantic and magical. Utterly precious. ’cause I guess, when we have something in limited supply, we tend to treasure it more.

But I guess if you look at it with a logical mind, it’s just another ordinary day.

I suspect reading the synopsis for the movie The Leap Years has a huge part to play in making me feel so sappy on this day. *grins*

Anyhow, as much as I think that this day is cool/cute/romantic/precious/rare, I wouldnt wanna have a child on this day. Like never in a million years man. ’cause the poor child can only celebrate his/her birthday on the actual day itself once every 4 years.

But then again, wouldnt it be cool to write “29th Feb” as one’s birthday on everywhere? From the kiddish autograph books to the application form for say, Singapore Idol.

And it would be so cool to say “Oh, my birthday? 29th Feb.”

Ahhhh. I cant make up my mind whether it’s cool or sad to have a birthday on 29th Feb. I guess I’m happy as it is with my birthday on 28th Jan. January is a cool month afterall. =)))

7 Responses to "Leap year"

eh, u never read that based on an old irish myth or something, u can ask any man to marry you and he cannot reject!! haha…
quick, action now!!!

Antz: Wah! Serious!

Eh, for now, I have no one in mind leh. Maybe in 4 yrs’ time la. hahahaha..

i think that is a myth… if ollie asks me to marry her, i will still reject her =P

weige: Wah win liao. Since when did I say that I’m gonna ask you to marry me sia!!!

haha.. i dint even realise it was a special day on the 29th itself! i spent it super high and clubbing the night away =)

aniwae, i think having a birthday on the 29th feb is sooo cool.. den u will be like forever young.. and its something interesting u can say when u intro yrself. haha

wahahah my fav time and day the number is the same one lor.. time: 7.17 for day.. also 7.17 (month date) wahahahahahhaa

yannie: haha.. Only you would think of that lo. But quite true ar. Normally people wouldnt intro about their bdays. But then again, still very sad leh. Only can feel happy that it’s your bday once in 4 years!

charps: hahaha.. I never thought of that. Anyway, at 1.28 am, i’m normally too busy chatting to notice, or at 1.28pm, I would be too busy having lectures/lunch that I wouldn’t notice it. = S

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