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Posted by: OLLie on: February 16, 2008

I’ve been ill for a week, and I’m panicking like shit ’cause I havent been able to smell for quite some time now.

While not being able to smell while having a cold is some kind of a norm for me, this is the first time that I couldnt smell anything totally.

And the worst thing?

My nose started bleeding.

Not the non stop kinda bleeding, but rather, the mucus in my nose has got blood. Quite a good deal of blood. And ’cause the blood is in the mucus, it’s not exactly like the normal kinda nosebleed whereby blood just flow outta the nose.

Quite gross, I know.

I’m damn scared that my olfactory bulb is now damaged beyond repair, and I cant smell anymore for the rest of my life.

Food lost all meaning when I can only taste sweet, bitter, salty and spicy with none of the fragrance that is associated with food.

What would I do to be able to smell anything, even farts or somebody’s diarrhea.

It’s THAT bad.

I want my sense of smell back.. =(((((((

4 Responses to "Nosebleed"

take care babe… could it be u are too “heaty”?

weige: Have been ill for so long le. Sigh.

this has been happening to me the past week too!!! i was like quite shocked when i saw blood with my mucus, like some sort of sticky blood greenish clot.. (okay that sounds digusting.) my friend said it’s probably coz i blew my nose too hard the vessels burst.. up to now still got some blood when i blow my nose.. but can start smelling already. heh.

anyway, hope you’re much better already! :) if you aren’t please see a doc!

bigfootedgurl: Oh, I’m back to smelling all the nice and gross smells already. =))) Thanks so much!

Hope you get well soon too!

p/s: I still have gross snot. Sigh.

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