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Guys Who Turn Me On Part II

Posted by: OLLie on: January 12, 2008

The epitome of sleep deprivation: Concussing at 8pm only to wake up at 2am.

Now, my body clock is screwed. Crap.

And so, the continuation of Guys Who Turn Me On:

6. Men In Uniform

They look.. smart. And hawt. And manly. Even the no. 4 looks not too bad. I like the No. 1 the most. Even a plain ‘ol Joe would look good in a No. 1. Ho ho.

Anyhow there’s also a downside to the no. 4. Erm, the smell. The smell of so many NS men on board the bus that I take to school is not really that pleasant. But oh well, I know they don’t wanna smell that way either. So..

7. Good command of English.

Or rather basic command of English.

Eh, why do I seem like I’m searching for my life partner in this No. 7? Hee.

8. Shy

Shy guys are so cute. Seeing them blush makes me laugh. It makes me feel like making them feel even more uncomfortable and blush more. Ho ho.

9. Thick-skinned

I know this is the exact opposite of No. 8. But thick-skinned guys are cute too. But only to a limited extent. Extremely thick-skinned guys turn me off. Immediately.

Let me explain.

Moderately thick-skinned = confident = comfortable in their own skin = hawt.

Extremely thick-skinned = arrogant = egoistic = not hot.

10. Sparsely populated leg hair

Densely populated leg hair is so not hot. At least to me.

’cause I know guys who pride themselves on their densely populated leg hair. Does the amount of leg hair = higher sex drive or something? It’s like you cant say that they are small, or they would take offence. The leg hair is like their ego. Their pride. And if I were to pluck one out? They would scream bloody murder. Ha.

So, sparsely populated leg hair guys, if other girls who get turned on by hairy legs don’t want you, there’s always OLLie who appreciate your not so hairy legs.

Oh, and by sparesely populated I mean not so dark till I can see it from afar. =))

Alright, it’s 4.30am now. My body clock is officially screwed.

9 Responses to "Guys Who Turn Me On Part II"

hmm… i think i have the profile for the kind of guy you are looking for.

Go find a SAFOS (SAF Overseas Scholar).
1. He will be wearing uniform.
2. Scholar, so engrish should be quite powderful.
3. Scholars are usually shy ard girls coz they only study.
4. Officers are usually thick-skinned.
5. Scholars would usually have little/no leg hair coz all the growth went into building up the brain.
6. Singing would not be a problem as well, since they like to talk cxxx and sing songs =P
7. They need to pass IPPT, so high chance will have veiny arms when when work out.
8. Wit? That’s a no brainer!
9. Musically inclined – refer to point 6.
10. Sporty – well, when you see the advertisement for the SAF, ain’t they all sporty looking guys? =)

weige: What about the leg hair?

Anyway, one cant be shy and thick skinned at the same time one leh. Also, one can sing but might not be able to play any instruments. A good example is me.

So the SAFOS is not the guy that I’m looking for. =D

u never read properly…the leg hair point is answered in point 5! lol

i seriously think 1 can be shy and thick skinned at the same time… coz i am like that? =P

weige: Oh, paiseh. Really didnt read properly. But it’s illogical lor! haha..

*coughs* ok. You can advertise here if you want. hahaha..

girl! since when attached cannot have crush!!! being attached and having a crush is mutually exclusive one hor..

but den.. even before i got bf i also no crush eh.. hmm..

yan: Must be faithful mah. hahahahhahaha..

Sad la you.

Actually, I now also don’t have any crush. Sigh.

I agree with no. 6. but hor, there are still many who dun look good in uniform leh. sigh..
I like guys who can laugh at themselves and who can make me laugh too, which is not an easy task. =P

Sparsely populated leg hair?
White tiger better??

An: hahaha.. Ya lo. But they do look smarter than normal most of the time la.

Oh, that. Quite true. Wanna know one? MHG. ha.

Too bad I’m so over him.

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