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Guys who turn me on

Posted by: OLLie on: January 10, 2008

Watching this, I realize, there are quite a no. of qualities in a guy that turns me on.


Actually, it’s not that difficult to make me fall head over heels in love (alright, crush. eye candy. Whatever.) with someone. Just possess the following qualities:

1. Be able to sing.

Like real well. Like the guy in the video. Gosh gosh gosh.

2. Have veiny arms.

From exercise or whatever. ’cause veiny arms = had to carry things with substantial weight = have strength to carry heavy stuff = manly.

3. Possess wit

I laugh easily. At lame stuff, crappy stuff, stupid stuff.

But what really gets my attention, is the real substance. Wit. ’cause I get tired of lame jokes. Maybe that’s why I had a crush on MHG.

4. Musically inclined

I’m so damn terrible at musical instruments. I cant even play the recorder in primary school well. So I guess the opposite attract, and I so fall head over heels with guys who can play a musical instrument well.

Psst. Guys who can play the piano is oh so hawt! Jay Chou!

5.  Play basketball well.

Or any other sport for that matter. ’cause the way they concentrate on the sport/game can be so damn cute + hawt + droolable.

There are loads more. Oops. But it’s getting so damn late and I’m really not adapted to sleeping early and waking up early, resulting in me sleeping late and waking up early –> EXTREMELY DEPRIVED OF SLEEP.


I need my 9 hours of sleep!

Part 2 of Guys Who Turn Me On coming up soon!

10 Responses to "Guys who turn me on"

eh same!! the point 1,3,4,5 coz no.2 for me is case-by-case! some guys de veins sibei gross.. :X

anyway just to add(tell me if ollie or anyone else same as me ok?!)

-guys who reads. Not shin chan, comics but those.. real books la. Maybe the golden compass and all those stuffs.

-guys who can do maths. Those geeks whom we always copy maths homework from. I think thats a sign of intelligence ba!

wow ollie, you give me the inspiration of writing “Guys who piss me off” entry. Thanks for bringing hope onto my dying blog. :D

u mean u can make a list of stuff abt guys tt impress you!! hmmm.. lemme try..



i cant think of any =( maybe tts why i dont have crushes??

some i agree. then some i think u got weird priorities.. heh.

charps: hahahaha.. I think guys who can do maths isnt that great. ’cause erm, I can do maths rather well too. And it seems rather easy. hahahaha..

Guys who read! Not bad! But so rare!

yan: You already have bf! Still have what crush? hahaha..

erinna: Don’t like that mah. hahaha.. Not priorities. Just that guys with these qualities turn me on! Wooohooo!

I want to watch Jay Chou movie~~~ ok, i know this is irrelevant.. haha

guys with veiny arms.. muscleman ben from mocca? =D

jas: That’s so.. random. hahahaha.. =))

kenneth: Wah. Wah. Wah. I love that commercial. But somehow I don’t like that kinda muscleman. hahaha.. Normal built one can liao la.

And, welcome to my blog~ =))

I like guys who can play musical instruments too!! like Wang Leehom… swoon… =P and guys who keep fit, not muscleman, just fit.
Aiya, i also extremely deprived of sleep…. sigh.. welcome to the sleep deprivation club.

jay chou!!

btw, are u appearing offline?

An: hahaha.. Yeah yeah. They make me stare at them transfixed while they play. gosh.

erinna: Nah. Was sleeping. hahahaha.. I woke up at 2.30am. Freak.

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