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Why is everybody closing down their blogs?!

Posted by: OLLie on: January 8, 2008

Why is everybody closing down their blogs?!

First blog death I encountered was Bubblemunche.

Followed by HisReason.

Then, Serendipity closed down hers.

And my favourite blogger of all time Finickyfeline closed down hers.

And now, Desperate Addict closed down hers!!

Others die of a slow painful death. Painful ’cause they only update once in a blue moon (and I would be clicking on their links praying for updates but end up disappointed with none), and slowly, they stop updating altogether, and finally, they delete the blog. Sigh.

(Sibehsian, please don’t stop blogging! Zhebin! More updates please? Milktea! Please update!)

This is too much to bear. My favourite bloggers are closing down their blogs one. Gosh, I’m getting rather depressed by the loss of so many good bloggers.


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thats true.. and it sucks. I got my friend discovering my blog and i was like WTF. and i moved. so thats why i’ve had countless blogs lying around! i think my blog dying if not for the fact that im feeding it with crap every 2 to 3 days but its not like anyone reads it anyway.. :P

ollie, maybe someone can start a blog on “THE DEATHS OF BLOGGING MEGASTARS” then maybe we can still stalk them after they’ve closed the blogs down..

grr. im lame. :S

I not your favourite blog of all time meh?


haha. Normal lah. I closed mine cos was discovered by my co-workers(alot of sensitive issues inside.. Tried moving but useless… no got an inactive one in lah.ccc too. hohoho

U also follow the trend lah!!

charps: hahahhaa.. Quite a good idea. But I wouldnt have any clue where did the bloggers go to! Those that I have no contacts with that is.

Anyhow, school starting liao. I won’t have the time to do all those blog hops to search for the bloggers who closed down their blogs and opened new blogs.

Jay: haha.. FF wins hands down! You’re on top 10 la. =)))

Antz: Wah seh. You really want me to follow the trend ar?

Seriously, closing down this blog would be a heartache. I have poured so much of myself into this blog. So I pray with my life that nobody would stumble upon this blog and make me close it down.

yeah.. d.a..

why she nv blog liao.. i have been reading since she was sec 4 lah.

so sorry for not updating.. not sure when I can come back. :(

Kai: No worries. I shall pass on the message to her. =)))

Trying to get her back to blogging! I miss her!!

milktea: Please do come back. I miss your hilarious posts.

But *hugs*. You sound so sad.

ya so true.. hav u seen rockson.blogspot? many good blogs are dying olreadi sia..

Kenneth: Ah. I seldom read that blog. I used to read No more also. =((

kind of agree alot of dfe gfood blogs are dyign or closing so haiz really hope dat at least sian will not close his.


sorry to disappoint – but the new link’s here :D hope tt cheers you up.

An: Why you sulking?

xue er: Yeah, if he does, I will just have to pray with all my might that he would blog again.

ser: =))))))))

Thanks for the link!! :D

I still visit FF’s blog praying for miracles, like the “Goodbye” is being replaced by an entry saying that she really misses blogging. ):

ollie ichange my url again >< lol u updates pls.
haiz now sian blog has nothing to read le ler he even blog about his breakfast

xue er: Yep sure. =))

hahaha.. I think he’s very busy la. Don’t worry, he’ll continue blogging one (erm, i hope.) =D

I write almost everyday, and people ask, “Why you so free one hor?”

Have they not heard, “Give a busy man something to do, and somehow he finishes it.”

Keep on writing. It is the antidote for depression, aging and boredom.

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