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Happy 2008 folks!

Posted by: OLLie on: December 31, 2007

With today, 2007 comes to an end.

An end to a bad year.

An end to a loveless year.

And so I say byebye to my emotional wreck self.

Byebye to the year that I broke the most number of mugs in my house in a year. (2!)

Byebye to the year that I went to Taiwan.

Byebye to my 21st year of life.

And byebye to my hair.

*pic removed =) *

Taz to my long locks that reached my waist.

And say hello to..

*pic removed =) *

My short bob. My cousins think that I look like a kid now. *pout*


Brand new year with brand new look. But the resolutions remain the same even though I never had the habit of blogging my new year resolutions. So here they are for the very first time in my 5 years of blogging history.

1. Get better grades. Lift up my GPA.

2. Shed all the damn fats accumulating everywhere.

3. Get some activity into my love life.

And with that, Happy 2008 folks!

p/s: I’m out to shock my friends who have never seen me in short hair. Evar. More on my hair in the new year! :D

4 Responses to "Happy 2008 folks!"

you look younger! =)

weige: I think I look 11 now la. hahahah..

i think it looks great!
makes u look fresh =)

btw, happy new year!

ps: the woman in the pic on the wall is bio-ing u! woohoo! =P

weige: haha.. I think the woman in the wall must be stuned to see what I have done to my hair.. Happy new year to you too!

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