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Funerals + Work + Random

Posted by: OLLie on: December 17, 2007

Everytime there’s a funeral held at the multipurpose area near my house, I cant help but picture myself sitting at the tables, crying my heart out if the person lying in the coffin is someone dear to me.

That’s why I would rather I die first than to have to face the possibility of someone dear to me dying.

Selfish of me I know.

Anyhow, been MIA’ing from my blog. Hee.

Been coming home late for the past few days feeling so damn burnt from standing for 14.5hours (inclusive of the train ride to and fro). It’s so bad that when I get home, all I wanna do is to sit down to ease the pain from my feet. But once I sit down, I wouldnt wanna get up to shower anymore.

But anyhow, it’s all over. I’m about 500bucks richer. Wooohoo!

MHG worked with me yesterday as X didnt wanna work for the last day of the roadshow. And I think, he’s not that attractive anymore. Ooops. Hee.

He’s nice and all, but the attraction’s gone.

I wonder why is it so hard for me to fall for someone. =(

Dreamt of ZH yesterday. After such a long time, why did I dream of him again?  After such a long time of no contact, he just appeared in my dreams again, and damn, I like the sense of security that I felt in the dream.


10 Responses to "Funerals + Work + Random"

ehhh… i thought u said something like this before? hehe.

oh, i meant the mhg part.. :p

erinna: Aiya, but I kept saying that he’s nice, and people might think that I’m still interested in him mah. Say it out once and for all to clear up the doubt mah. hahaha.. 5 more days!!!

u dun like mhg now coz u like mhg II now? hahaha

wads on 5 days later? xmas ah?

Richer? hMm..i thot the pay would only come in rather late..HAHA..i want shopping shopping!

Erinna: Come back earlier! then we can all go shopping together! =D

weige: I don’t like mhg II la. Waiting for someone to make my heart flutter again.

5 days later is an important day. =)))

X: Ya. The M*** still didnt tell me how is he gonna pay us. Sigh… I guess I gotta eat into my funds now. =(((

heh heh. or do you fall in love with any guy that that is nice to you? hey X.. see got money to spend first.. ahhahaa. of cos must meet up anyway.. . need to find some work first.. got lobang?

erinna: No leh. I don’t. hahaha.. I can swear on it. Gotta have the chemistry.

Lobang for jobs ar. hahahaha.. Got. This wed to sun. But you will only be back on sat!!

MHG II? please open your eyes big big then! if not, i’ll put toothpicks for you..hAHA..

X: Though my eyes not as big as yours, but they are rather big le. Don’t worry. If you throw MHG and MHG II at me and force me to choose, it would still be the former. =))

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