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Posted by: OLLie on: December 10, 2007

Finished Witch Yoo Hee, now am 3 episodes away from finishing season 1 of Heroes.

I think MHG thought that I was nuts when I told him I completed Las Vegas Season 3, Why Why Love, Witch Yoo Hee, and am halfway through Heroes.  =D

My family thinks that I’m watching shows like there’s no tomorrow ’cause I was so deprived of entertainment throughout the semester.

But the truth is, I’m down to my last 50bucks for the year, and I dare not go out.

That sounds so utterly pathetic, so I’m just gonna pretend that I’m watching shows while waiting for job lobangs ’cause I was so deprived of entertainment for the past 4 months.

Great social life huh?

On another note, I realize I watch a wide spectrum of shows. From Heroes to CSI, to all the sappy lovey dovey Taiwanese drama serials like Why Why Love, and Witch Yoo Hee that has such a damn chio korean actress that I wish with all my might that I look like her.

In fact, I realize that it’s the stupid Taiwanese drama serials that make me cry buckets while the korean dramas arent so sappy anymore. Damn. What is the world coming to?

And why cant Singapore make some drama serials that don’t revolve around families just ’cause 真情 was such a hit, but that doesnt mean we have to suffer for years after the aftermath of  真情 with drama serials that keep harping on family values, having episodes of evil cousins out to cheat one of all the money while an all sacrificing mother will come out and save the whole family?

9 out of 10 Singaporean dramas are so family oriented that I cant even differentiate which is which anymore. Why cant we have a drama on doctors (without all the time focused on the family), or lawyer series, or forensic series? Or even simply, the sappy lovey dovey romance drama?

I think Mediacorp needs some new scriptwriters. Urgently.

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They also need new pretty young actresses and hamson young tall actors. LOL!!
I like the CHEF in witch Yoohee!! Swoon….

Seriously, i really dun know wat’s so happening about 真情.
How can a family be constantly in such chaotic state?? Even my ang moh boss from german agreed…haha

An: Me lor. They should hire me. wahhaha.. You calm down calm down. Don’t drool all over your lappy! hahaha..

Antz: Eh, I think the family’s so big that it’s so chaotic. hahahah..

Your ang moh boss from Germany watched 真情!?! He’s cool shite la. hahahha..

He watched cos he has got a Chinese wife. haha.
he still needs the subtitle lah.
Ru(4) xiang(1) shui(4) shu(2) ba. hahaha

Antz: Woah. I guess if I were to marry a German, I would be watching german shows too. hahaha..

Yeah la! the yoo hee so pretty right! I’m so jealous! :S
korean still got their mei li la.. is more of romantic comedy. which i like better.. :P then eh i agree with u there’s too much family-oriented script in singapore media.

In fact, im always telling my mom the next move/lines they are going to say on tv! :P

charps: Yeah yeah. I like romantic comedies. The good old Full House was the one that got me hooked to korean dramas. Before Full House, I thought all korean dramas were so weepy and draggy that I hated to watch them.

Besides, Rain and Song Hui Qiao look sooooooooooooooooo good la.

They dun even like their own programs. So there…

Actually got lawyers and doctors and blah blah shows before.. They had those shows when they want to promote that industry.. Like the recently “zui gao dian”, which showed the shipping industry.. Hahaha.. so we must WAIT for those moments..

Jap shows are actually quite good, barring all the out-of-the-world stories lah… Cos they are very short, usually about 11-12 episodes and so all the story is condensed and quite fast paced.

HK shows usually have a lot of sub-plots in between and quite fast paced too. And their sub plots are usually quite creative.

TW shows…. urm… idols…. urm… shuai ges mei nus…. enough said… hahahah!! A bit on the Kuai Zhang (aka exagerating) factor inside to make it heart warming and funny. =)

Korean shows… hmmm… refer to tw shows… usually lah. Of course there are the odd ones here and there.. =P Then lots of crying… and always a rich person with a poor person. I think the Coffee Prince looks like a nice show. I dun know.. too busy to watch.

Our ctry shows… yawn… Usually about family, extended family or about certain profession de. Slower paced too. And there might be a disabled person or two in the show.

Ang moh shows… hmmm depends on what it’s about. More variety loh. =)

tats a nice analysis of the shows from the different areas! script writers here might have had their creativity stifled from young. LOL

Antz: They don’t?! How can they?!?!

I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

Jas: I think by that time, I would have already given up on the local productions till I don’t even know when they are promoting the particular industry la. haha..

An: Omgosh. You really analysed sia. You sound so pro la. You watched alot? For me, I seldom watch Jap shows ’cause I don’t know where to find them. hahhaha..

charps: Thus, they should hire ME ME ME! hahahah..

Come to think of it, Jap shows is abit like angmoh shows. Although the same main characters appear in each episodes, there is usually a story within each. While all the rest hor… is linked… its one whole story with subplots in between…

yah lah, I watch a lot of shows when I’ve got the time. HAHAHAHA!!
My frens and I even managed to find and rent HK shows from those chinese shops when we were in Aus… HAHAHAH!!

We siao liao one lah… =P

for some reason im not hooked onto jap dramas except for overtime and that show call beauty&beast :D

An: You. Power.

Aust still can find hk shows!!! hahaha..

But now it’s damn easy to find those hk shows online. So no need to rent anymore. =))

charps: I just like all those Jap shows with my takuya kimura. He’s so damn cute!!!!!!! *drools*

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