oooh lah lah.. i like it!


Posted by: OLLie on: December 1, 2007

Jason (creator of says that my blog don’t have sufficient pics of me camwhoring, and that’s why my blog don’t have many readers. =(((

How to camwhore when I’m supposed to be annoymous ar?!

But here’s a pic for you guys, showing that I always camwhore when I have the chance! Just that I don’t have the opportunity to post my narcissistic pics due to the nature of my blog.


*pic removed ’cause something that I found out freaked the hell outta me*

Kissing the oh-so-hot Andy Lau.

Ignore my nerdy glasses. It was just after my paper when I took this. And boy, is Andy Lau oh-so-droolable! A man at his age! Omgosh!

8 Responses to "Kissing"

Oei!! Where the heck you get my picture from!?? I am supposed to be anonymous!!

Take it down!! Take it down!!!

Jay: *coughs* *chokes*

I didn’t realize your face is plastered all over Orchard Road.. haha..

you’re supposed to tilt your head..

lbandit: I had to bend my knees such that I could position my mouth at the appropriate level leh. So cant tilt le. haha..


charps: hahahaha.. Nevermind la. =)))

where got pic????

Antz: Hmmm. I removed it. hahaha..

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