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Rest In Peace

Posted by: OLLie on: November 26, 2007

As I was sitting in front of my neuro notes (yes, cancer’s over. Now it’s neuro), I kept thinking about the deaths of the 5 dragonboaters in Cambodia.

I felt strangely saddened by the news of the deaths of the 5 dragonboaters. It’s not that I knew anyone of them, but I just couldnt read the news like how I would read about the murder of this guy, or the accident that killed this woman etc. And that was even before I realized that they were the teammates of a friend.

Maybe it is because those guys were around my age.

Maybe it is because I know of friends who are active dragonboaters.

Or maybe it is because I know that if I were to know anyone of them, I would have been devastated by the loss.

One of the 5 was a mentor to my friend. Just a few months ago, my friend wanted to intro the guy to me:

Hey, I think you would like this guy. Nice, gentlemenly, hot bod, and is Mr World! He’s damn good at playing the piano too. Show you his video..

A few months ago, we were still talking happily about his friend who was very much alive back then. And now he’s gone. And no, I have never gone out with the guy, but that’s not the point here.

The point here is, as a stranger, I have felt the loss. The pain that the family and friends of the 5 guys are going through now must be unbearable, and no words that anyone can say, nor headlines that speak great stuff about the 5 guys can lessen their pain, but I hope that they would be alright soon.

Rest in peace, the 5 dragonboaters.

3 Responses to "Rest In Peace"

yah, it’s so sad and they are all sooooo young… :( sob… :’(

And it’s only when stupid preventable accidents like this happens that they start to take precautions… sigh..

charps: Yeah, I’m damn sad. =(((

An: Actually it was just a freak accident. No one could have prevented it. Lifejackets are useless in this kinda situation too.. So no one’s really to blame. Hais. What’s meant to be, will be.

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