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Women are such complicated creatures

Posted by: OLLie on: November 3, 2007

Oh yeah, I’m one too. That’s why I’m so amused by the way that I think.

It’s like there’s an angel and devil debate carrying on in my brains, and I’m the only audience there to witness it.

Oh, the devil usually wins by the way.

Like how:

1. Women hate being lied to

We must know the truth, and nothing but the truth. Keeping something unsaid is equivalent to lying too. We must know EVERYTHING. If you don’t tell us, we get upset.


When the truth is not something that we like to hear, we get all upset or get pissed off, or whatever. The irony of it. We were the ones who demand to have the whole truth, and yet we cant handle the truth.

But then again, no one said anything about not being upset when we know the truth. So one way or another, you will get an upset woman if you tell her keep something from her, or tell the unpleasant truth. Face it. Life’s kinda sad that way.

2. We like to be complimented..

Oh yes, your dress looks nice on you!

Ooh, you cut your hair? Looks quite nice sia..

Then we would be feeling all light and flitty, walk more confidently, toss our hair with greater strength.. ’cause someone thinks that we look great. If you have it, flaunt it.

3. … so we compliment others too

礼尚往来 you know?

But that doesnt necessarily mean that our compliments are genuine all the time. Our compliments are mostly genuine, but there would always be exceptional cases.

On the surface: “Oooh.. Your new hair looks great!

Beneath it all: “Omgosh. Her short hair totally makes her face look so huge. What in the world consumed her to cut that kinda hair man?!

4. We have brilliant but skeptical minds

Combine No. 2 and 3 together, we don’t know when the compliments are genuine or not. ’cause we are guilty of No. 3, leading to us being skeptical about the compliments that are lavished on us.

But the thought of someone being so mean as to lie in their compliments is just a flitting thought before the mind goes back to being on a high as there’s someone who likes our dress/hair/shoes/earrings/nails/bags.

This is because…

5. … We are nice.

Yes it’s true. We are generally nice people. We tend to think the best of someone until the person does something to destroy our impression of him/her.

But in order to be nice, we have to plaster on a mask even when we seriously dislike that particular person and behave cordially towards them.

This is our way of maintaining the harmony among friends.

Any dislike/complains is kept hidden till we are alone with our best/close friends before we start bitching about the whatever unhappiness.

Hypocritical yes. But give us hypocrisy over chaos anytime.

But, we are still nice on the surface you know? Generally that is.

Oh yeah, I’m guilty of the above. But when it comes to best friends, all these go outta the window. If you don’t believe me, X is the best person to verify. She has gotten all the criticisms from me, and me from her. It’s simply too hard to plaster a mask in front of everyone, and the best friend is the unlucky one to get everything from one.

But that’s what best friends are for, isnt it? =D

14 Responses to "Women are such complicated creatures"

bwahahaha.. complicated indeed. ok, then u are more complicated than me..

then again, im guilty of all… but im pretty sincere 98% of the time :D

oh ya. keep ur hair long. dont ask me about whether to cut anymore. u always regret when u cut anyway..

happy studying

erinna: Im sincere like 97.5% of the time lor. Just that it’s these tiny incidences that make me think that we are such complicated creatures.

Ah.. Now I look like a hypocritical bitch. =((

You jiayou too.. And nope. Not cutting. Love its silkiness too much. =))

Beneath it all: “Omgosh. Her short hair totally makes her face look so huge. What in the world consumed her to cut that kinda hair man?!”

Damn that’s like what I’ve been trying to tell u all along hahahhaaha

derrick. who are u refering to ah?

Derrick: Wah lau. K la. Won’t cut my hair for the time being. So be prepared to see my long silky hair in Dec.

erinna: He’s referring to ME. = S


My smile bigger. wahhhahahaha..

“We tend to think the best of someone until the person does something to destroy our impression of him/her.”

OMG OMG ! I totally agree with that !

“We tend to think the best of someone until the person does something to destroy our impression of him/her.”

and it’s sooooooo d*mn sad when that happens…. =’(
I’ll be like… was it something I did? can i forgive the person? why did the person do such a thing? what would other people think of me now? what’s going to happen now? … and so on and so forth. It’s all just sooo sad…

shiying: hahaha.. It’s like “Oooh. He’s not bad. Quite a nice guy etc etc.” Then suddenly, you realize he actually has a damn terrible temper and stuff, destroying your good impression of him etc.

Hais. Nothing in the world is perfect I guess.

An: Hmmm.. I’m referring to something that the other person does that kills the good impression that I have of him/her..

But I agree with you la. We kena mind-f***ed all day long just thinking about it. = S

yeah it’s such a pity when a guy’s cute but haven’t got substance. wasted !!
but don’t lose hope so soon lah ! don’t sigh ! hahaha (:

shiying: haha.. Yeah. But there are times when the guy has got everything except the fact that he’s attached. Even sadder I tell you. hahaha..

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